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what is Boxing punching bags?

Boxing punching bags is one of the training equipment of combat sports, mainly used for strength training.

Sandbags are not bags filled with sand. If it is indeed full of sand, it will be difficult to hit. Sandbags are usually made of microfiber leather or PU leather, canvas, etc. The interior is usually made of EVA or plastic foam between the interior and the filling, and the made sandbags are usually filled with rags. If you fill it yourself, it is recommended to fill it with shredded leather or rags. Some people like to fill with sawdust and grains, but this is too difficult and generally not recommended.

According to different training focuses, different fighting types and styles, sandbags are divided into various shapes and sizes. The most common traditional sandbags are usually cylindrical, as well as banana-shaped (relatively elongated cylindrical), spherical, drop-shaped, pear-shaped, large-headed, and bowling-shaped.

The benefits of boxing punching bags

Juvenile sandbags, vertical sandbags, sandbags and tumbler boxing still have many benefits for humans.

Boxing is great for keeping in shape. The research results show that in boxing, the body’s abdomen, waist and buttocks are constantly moving, which not only has the effect of fully burning excess body fat, but also can sculpt various muscles of the body reasonably and effectively. Make its shape more perfect.

A modern man who has been working at a computer for a long time. There is often soreness in the back and neck. For people who work at their desks for a long time, boxing also has a special health care effect.

Because this exercise requires a high degree of concentration, you can learn to control your emotions instead of restlessness, and you can greatly improve your sleep state. It can also regulate the body’s endocrine.

Generally speaking: Boxing can exercise the body, which can make men stronger; women are more slender, keep exercising without rebounding. You can also exercise some self-defense skills so that you don’t have to worry about walking at night.

How to use boxing sandbags?

1.Combat awareness: You must imagine a fierce enemy standing in front of you, pushing you away step by step, and you must go all out to prevent, counterattack and hit hard! Hit him thoroughly! Don’t take it lightly and carelessly! Always imagine the sandbag as a person, hit the sandbag hard, guide up and down, swing left and right, resist counterattacks, dodge and counterattack, hit the sandbag imaginatively, you will feel the benefits of this practice in actual combat.

2.Coordinate and relax. And keep emphasizing every day. It makes you faster, stronger and more energetic. When you hit like a storm, immediately relax when you leave, adjust your breathing, and feel tense when hitting, which creates an explosive force. Tension accounts for one-tenth of hits, while relaxation accounts for nine-tenths.

3.The essentials of exerting strength. By watching the players hit the sandbags, you can see the level of the boxer. Brute force pushes can only hit the sandbag far away, and the sandbag is only high-frequency ground shaking instead of swinging far. This is the explosive penetration of boxing.

How to choose boxing punching bag manufacturer?

Youjie Med focuses on the export of punching bags. If you are looking for a stable and reliable punching bag supplier, don’t hesitate to contact us now. We can provide the best price with quality service. We can provide you with a listed quote. In the field of boxing punching bag, we are one of the top suppliers in China. At Youjie Med, you can experience a professional one-stop shopping.

If you are looking for a cheap boxing punching bag, then a manufacturer from China is the right one for you. As a professional punching bag manufacturer, Youjie Med will provide you with some punching bag stand manufacturers. It can effectively help you choose the right supplier for you.


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