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The best time for Postpartum Belt band

1. When to start wearing a corset

Generally, it is recommended that people who give birth to normal children can start wearing it two days after delivery, and those who have a C-section should start using it about a week after delivery.

2. How long do you wear it every day?

Staying in shape does not mean you have to wear it all day long. Wearing it for a long time may be counterproductive and even do more harm than good. It needs to be done. It is appropriate to wear a corset for half an hour before and after meals every day. Take it off before going to bed. Wear it every hour, untie and rest.

3. When should I wear a corset?

Its use time varies from person to person. Mothers who give birth normally should strengthen their exercises and choose appropriate intensity exercises, such as leg raising and maternal exercises. They should not rely on it for a long time. Generally speaking, it is not suitable to wear for a long time within half a year after delivery, up to 12 hours a day, and to avoid wearing too tightly, affecting blood circulation and causing damage to the pelvic floor. It is very unscientific to wear it all day to enhance the abdominal effect. If worn for too long, it will affect blood circulation, or cause backache and hemorrhoids. In severe cases, it can cause abnormal symptoms of the reproductive organs, such as uterine prolapse and backward bending.

Precautions for using Postpartum Belt

Generally speaking, you should wear your abdomen belt every day after meals and half an hour after urination. Then the belly belt should be removed before going to bed to reduce the burden on the abdomen. At the same time, due to the different choices of the parturient, the delivery method of the parturient is also different, and there are different precautions in the process of using the abdominal belt.

1. For women who give birth naturally

Women who choose to give birth naturally should not use abdominal belts for a long time. If you want to be healthy after childbirth and quickly shape your abdomen, you can strengthen exercise while using an abdominal belt. Frequent leg lifts, sit-ups and some maternity exercises can promote the effect of abdominal seat belts.

2. For patients who have a cesarean section

Pregnant women undergoing cesarean section can only use the abdominal seat belt after the abdomen is removed, but do not use it for a long time, so as not to affect the recovery of the wound.

3. For people who are too thin or have sagging internal organs, the abdominal belt should be removed immediately after lifting and resetting the organs.

When using the abdominal belt after childbirth, do not wear it for too long. Female friends cannot simply rely on the abdominal belt to contract the abdomen. It is recommended to choose some moderate-intensity physical exercises to achieve the purpose of body recovery after childbirth. In addition, if you encounter any physical discomfort while wearing the abdominal seat belt, you should stop using it immediately to avoid adverse health effects.

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