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What is the experience of sport skipping rope weight loss?

10 minutes of skipping rope = 100 calories!

Youjie Med said that this set of numbers is certainly not without a scientific basis. The specific basis for skipping to reduce fat is as follows:

When jumping at a medium speed, it may consume 600 calories per hour, and when driving at 8 speed, it consumes 480 calories per hour. Conversely, skipping burns more calories than running.

At the same time, skipping rope is a mixed type of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, which means that the faster you jump, the higher the proportion of anaerobic exercise. Rope skipping also provides the effect of anaerobic fat burning (the effect of fat burning after exercise).

In addition, another outstanding advantage of skipping rope is that it is easy to operate. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, as long as there is a small space, it can be carried out, and it is almost completely unrestricted by site conditions.

How to skip rope and lose weight fast?

Generally, I suggest you arrange a rope skipping plan in the following stages:

I didn’t do much exercise before, I read this article and want to try skipping rope.

Rope skipping seems simple, but if you don’t pay attention to the details, there are still some dangers, so students who want to skip rope must pay attention to:

01. Be sure to warm up and stretch

Warming up can reduce the risk of injury. Stretching exercises can relieve muscle soreness, avoid muscle knots, and prevent “thick legs” problems, so this can’t be less!

If you arrange a skipping rope for 30 minutes, you should control the warm-up and stretching time to about 15 minutes.

02. Don’t jump for too long at the beginning

As a novice, you’d better start practicing at low intensity instead of doing a lot of exercise. It is best to proceed gradually. It is recommended that novices exercise 15-20 minutes each time, 3-4 times a week, and then slowly increase the frequency and duration of the exercise.

03. Don’t jump too high

The skipping rope for weight loss does not require you to jump too high. Generally, it is best to pass the rope under your feet. Try not to jump more than 5 cm. The higher the jump, the greater the damage to the knee. For the health and safety of the body, this item must be paid attention to.

After persisting for a period of time, I feel that I have adapted, and I want to increase the amount of exercise.

⑴ Jump rope fast and slow

If you pass the novice training after a period of practice, you can try the following advanced skipping rope, which is definitely much more intense than the previous practice.

When skipping rope, as a group of skipping exercises, sprint the skipping rope 100 times at full strength, rest for 10 seconds, and then jump 200 times at normal speed.

At the beginning, you can skip 2-3 sets a day, and gradually increase to 5-6 sets as you adapt.

⑵Hell HIIT skipping rope

If after a period of time, you feel that there is no challenge for 5-6 groups every day, you can try the following methods:

Jump 100 ropes in a row and rest for 1 minute; do 10 burpees and rest for 1 minute; do 10 squats and rest for 1 minute. Complete 4-5 sets each time.

Examples of burpee:

sport skipping rope

Squat action attention:

If the first posture is in place and the second posture starts to deform, please stop and return to rope skipping mode.

Do you think that hell HIIT skipping is not tiring at all, and you want to play more exciting. If you reach this level, you can only say that you should not be obsessed with skipping. Please try more and more anaerobic exercises to give your body more different stimulations and feelings!

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Please note

Finally, Youjie Med reminds everyone that skipping rope is a good thing, but it is not suitable for everyone (such as high blood pressure, heart disease). If the following conditions are met, skipping should be avoided to reduce weight.

1: Friends with bad knees: Rope skipping is the most typical rope skipping exercise, and the most knee injury is also relatively large. If you really think that skipping rope is more suitable for you, you should avoid jumping as long as possible.

2: Small partners with a larger base: Similar to the above reasons, jumping will inevitably hurt the knee. If the weight is too large, the pressure on the knee will be greater.

3: Big breasted sister paper: When jumping, you must choose sports underwear, otherwise, gravity will hurt the chest, and the loss is not worth the loss!

If you are not in the above situation, please take advantage of the changeable weather to jump!


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