9 Best Shapewear for Women and Body Shapers Factory Price China

What are the functions of shapewear?

The role of Shapewear

Because the abdominal band or body shaping underwear will put a certain pressure on the body to tighten the fat and loose flesh. After giving birth, the body becomes weak and needs to restore its functions naturally. After using body functions, the internal functions of the body are healthier. Shapewear can help shape your figure. But it has no weight loss effect. If you are not breastfeeding, then exercise and proper diet should be no problem. In fact, the so-called body shaper is just to restrict diet, but it is still easy to get hungry. If you cannot control yourself, you may overeat, but your weight will rebound. Because it is actually equivalent to having a way to help and reduce appetite.

Body shaper waist cincher corset is an indispensable magic weapon for women to control all kinds of gorgeous dresses and slim skirts. Body shaper waist cincher corset combines the functions of a corset and panties. At the same time, it can prevent sagging buttocks, enhance the recovery ability of abdominal muscles, and beautify the thighs. Corsets are available at different lengths to meet the needs of different women on different occasions. However, women who have undergone a cesarean section are not suitable for use during childbirth due to the wound on their abdomen.

It has the dual functions of a corset and underwear to prevent sagging of the hips, enhance the recovery ability of the abdominal muscles, and beautify the thighs. New mothers who have undergone cesarean section are not suitable for use during delivery due to abdominal injuries. Purchasing principle: The level of corsets should be gradually increased. Don’t wear tight clothes at the beginning to avoid stress and poor blood circulation.

Wearing abdominal pants after childbirth has a certain effect on the body’s recovery, because shapewear can lift the fat in the buttocks and abdomen and prevent these fats from sagging. In addition, shapewear is relatively tight, which can reduce the amount of food consumed and can also play a role in weight loss. Body shaper not only has an effect on body recovery, but also reduces the chance of cold in the waist of the parturient, which is very beneficial to the parturient.

However, it is necessary to wear abdominal pants at the correct time after delivery to achieve a more ideal effect. If you wear it too early, not only will you lose weight, but it may also have side effects on your body. For women with normal delivery, it is best to start wearing abdominal pants 7 days later, and for women with cesarean section, they should be pushed back for a while, preferably after the full moon, to avoid affecting the recovery of the incision.

How to lose weight correctly?

The most important way to lose weight is that the intake must be less than the consumption. Only when the intake is less than the consumption can the weight be reduced. But there are two points that are not recommended:

First, it is not recommended to go on excessive diet, or even skip meals, because it will cause serious damage to the body.

Second, use weight loss pills, which may contain diuretics. The initial weight loss effect is obvious, but it is particularly easy to rebound.

For weight loss, there are three things that must be done:

First, control your diet, and control your diet appropriately, such as eating 80% full.

Second, there must be a certain amount of exercise. Aerobic exercise is the main exercise, such as jogging or brisk walking, but each time it takes more than 50 minutes.

Third, it can be combined with acupuncture to increase the basal metabolic rate and suppress appetite, which is a relatively good way to lose weight.

How to choose a shapewear manufacturer?

According to statistics, 80% of the world’s shapewears are made in China. So if you are working on a body shaper-related business. Then the Chinese market must be something you can’t ignore. Among the many shapewear suppliers, how do you choose the shapewear supplier that is best for you?

If you have high quality requirements and value new product development, then Youjie Med is your best choice. We can not only produce a variety of wheelchairs that are popular in the market. We can also provide high-end customization to turn your design ideas into beautiful industrial products.


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What are the functions of shapewear?

Shapewear will have a good belly effect, modify the leg lines, and make the legs look slimmer and slender. Wearing a body shaper will show a very thin waist. It can effectively cover the waist and stomach, but it is not recommended to wear tight body shaper waist cincher corset and slimming panties, which will cause blood circulation, which is not good for our health. So, what is the function of shapewear?

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