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Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper D02-10

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1.Size: M, L
2.Color: Red, black
3.Material: Neoprene, nylon
4.Feature: One-piece, double pull, adjustable
5.Function: Shape waist, slim thighs

What is the waist trainer thigh shaper?

Waist trainer thigh shaper is a kind of body shaper, which wraps the abdomen and thighs, and tightens the abdomen and thighs muscles so that to shape the body and helps to burn fat quickly during exercise.
because the body shaper is made of neoprene, then it keeps warm and increases body temperature, thus to accelerate fat burning. The one-piece design, not only can help you to shape waist, but also control the abdomen and slim thighs. moreover, there are many hooks in the slim trainer.so that it is easy and convenient to adjust the size of the waist and thighs according to the program of weight loss.

Neoprene Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper

The details of waist trainer

Neoprene Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper

Product Butt and waist trainer D02-10
Color Red, black
Size M, L
Material Neoprene, nylon
Type One-piece for waist trimmer and thigh eraser
Feature High-waist, double pull, adjustable, soft
Function Shape waist, slim thigh
Application Exercise, fitness, workout, yoga, etc.
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Neoprene Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper

The one-piece design of neoprene waist shaping thigh easer

firstly the waist shaping thigh trainer is made of neoprene and comes in a one-piece design. then It can wrap the lower waist and thighs at one time. so that it tightens the abdomen and lower waist to protect from injury and control tummy and shape thighs during exercises.

Neoprene Waist Trainer Thigh ShaperNeoprene Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper
Neoprene Waist Trainer Thigh ShaperWaist Trainer Thigh Shaper SetEnhance Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper

Details of neoprene slim body shaper

There are many merits of that slim body shaper: high-quality neoprene, double pulls, parts of hook design, bright edges, etc. The high-quality neoprene makes the slim body shaper more durable.  Moreover, the neoprene brace will increase friction and burn fat quickly. The outside brace is with OK fabric so that you can adjust the size easily and stick the straps freely and firmly. In addition, there are 3 parts of hooks on the tight parts, which is easy to adjust the size. Finally, the edges of the body shaper are elastic, smooth, and bright fabric to make it durable.

Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper

Marked Inside Neoprene
The inside of the neoprene body shaper brace is with a marked grain. It can anti-slip and increase friction, then helps to burn fat quickly.

New Neoprene Body Shaper

3-strap Hooks
The thigh parts of waist trainer thigh shaping are with 3-strap design. So, it can fit the thighs perfectly and adjust the size according to your demand easily.

Burn Fat Body Shaper

High-quality OK Fabric
The waist trainer thigh shaper is with a high-quality hook to fix the straps easily and with OK fabric to adjust the size freely.

Merits of new body shaper

ONE-PIECE DESIGN – The new body shaper comes in a one-piece design, which wraps the abdomen and thighs. Then it provides compression on the lower back, abdomen, and thighs to protect from injury and tighten the skins.
DOUBLE PULL – The outstanding design of the waist trainer thigh shaper is with a double extra elastic band to provide more compression on the belly part. They can help to tighten the belly and back muscles and fat, then to accelerate fat burn. Meanwhile, they can protect the lower waist from being injured.
NEOPRENE – High-quality neoprene makes the waist trainer thigh easer more durable and efficient to lose weight. therefor It can keep warm and increase body temperature, moreover to help to burn fat of lower back, abdomen, and thighs.
HOOKS & OK FABRIC – in the shape, there are many parts of hooks. so that they make it easy and convenient to adjust the size to fit the waist and thighs.

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Shapwear for Big Thighs

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    • Lyna Lo

      Thank you for your satisfaction

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