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Tummy Support During Pregnancy D05-5

1.Color: Beige, pink
2.Size: F:47.2*7.2 inch; XL:52.0*7.2 inch
3.Material: 80% polyester, 20% spandex
4.Bone: 6 pieces of bone
5.Feature: Removable shoulder straps, soft, adjustable

What does the tummy support during pregnancy do?

Tummy support during pregnancy is a kind of belly band designed for women during pregnancy.
As we all know, the pregnant women’s belly is bigger and biger as the fetus growing. As a result, the pregnant women will have limited mobility. At the same time, pregnant women will suffer from a lot of pain, such as pubic pain, lower back pain. So, during pregnancy, the doctor will advise to have a tummy support belly band.
The pregnancy belly band wraps the tummy and lower back and provides gentle support to the growing belly and reduces lower back pain during pregnancy. Also, the pregnancy brace is designed with removable shoulder straps. So, you can take it or not according to your requirement.

Pregnancy Support Brace

Description of pregnancy brace

Pregnancy Belly Brace

Product Model Tummy support during pregnancy D05-5
Size F, XL
Color Beige,pink
Material 80% polyester, 20% spandex
Bone 6 pieces of steel bone
Type One-piece type
Feature Removable shoulder straps, soft, adjustable, breathable
Function Support belly; relieve back pain
OEM&ODM Welcome

Tummy Support during PregnancyPregnancy Belly BracePregnancy Belly Belt

Details of pregnancy belly support

Pregnancy Belly Support

Removable Shoulder Straps
The pregnancy belly support is with removable shouder straps. So, you can take the straps off easily if you feel it is unnecessary to be with it. Also, when you are feel good, you can take the straps easily.

Pregnancy Belly Support Brace

Widened Loop
The pregnancy brace is with a widened loop to adjust the size of the brace. And, the widened loop can stick firmly and adjust the size freely when you are wearing the brace.

Maternity Support Brace

Supportive Bone Design
There are 6 pieces of bones in the maternity brace. Not only can they provide gentle support to the lower back to reduce lower back pain, but also they prevent the edges from rolling when you are wearing it under clothes.

Pregnancy Support Brace

Smooth & Elastic Edge
The edges are with elastic bands and neat stitches to make them soft and smooth. Also, the N-type stitches can hold the brace to protect the pregnancy brace from being damaged.

Advantages of maternity brace

Removable Shoulder Straps – The maternity brace is with removable shoulder straps. And, they are easy to take off and put on. So, you can take the straps or not according to your requirement in daily life, such as doing housework, working, walking, and shopping.
– The maternity brace is made of polyester and spandex, which is soft, smooth, elastic, breathable, and skin-friendly. So, you can wear it under clothes comfortably no matter it is summer or winter.
One-piece Design – The maternity belly brace comes in one-piece design and double-pulls. Also, it is simple, light, and portable, so you can wear it to support the belly and reduce lower back pain every day.
Supportive Bones  – There are 6 pieces of bones in the pregnancy belly support brace. And, the bones are elastic enough to fit the curve of the lower waist and hard enough to support the edges to prevent from rolling when you are wearing the brace under clothes.
Elastic & Smooth Edge – The edges of the maternity belly support brace are with elastic and smooth bands. And, they can hold the edges to prevent from being damaged. Then you can take the brace for a long time.

Breathability Test
First, fill the cup with hot water, put a part of the belly support belt on the mouth of the cup, and then put another cup upside down on the first cup. After 30 seconds, a small drop of water will appear in the upper cup. Prove that the belly support belt has better breathability and heat dissipation.

Tummy Support During Pregnancy

Bone Tests
Take the bones and bend them in any direction. Finally, they can restore the original appearance. Most importantly, the bones can prevent the edges from rolling and help to fit the curve of the waist to support the lower back.

Pregnancy Brace


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer of pregnancy brace?
A: Youjie is a manufacturer specialized in Pre & Post Natal Brace; Sports & Fitness Brace; Back & waist support belt, and Medical devices. OEM & ODM are welcome.
2. Q: Can you add my Logo on the maternity support brace?
A: Yes.
3. Q: Can I modify the color or material of pregnancy belly support?
A: Sure, Youjie can modify and improve the belly band as your requirement.
4. Q: What types of packages do you usually use?
A: The standard package: each in one polybag, then in a bulk carton.
5. Q: Do you have MOQ for the products?
A: MOQ is different for each product, if you are interested in that product, contact us now.
6. Q: How to order the products?
A: Just inquire or Whatsapp us.


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