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Thigh Trimmer D02-8

1. Color: Yellow, black, rose red
2.Size: S/M, L/XL
3.Material: Neoprene, nylon
4.Type: One-piece for waist trainer and thigh shaper
5. Application: Training, exercise, yoga, running, etc

What is the most popular Thigh Trimmer in 2021?

The butt lifter and thigh trimmer is designed to shape the waist and slim thighs at once. The Waist Trimmer & thigh trainer is made of neoprene and nylon, which is soft and no harm to the skin. The neoprene waist shaping thigh trimmer wraps the abdomen and thighs to tighten the skins and help to burn fat. And the waist trainer thigh trimmer with two adjustable straps around the thighs is flexible to adjust to your size and shape and contoured to fit around your thighs comfortably during exercise. In addition, the interior surface is with marked waves to prevent slipping and increase friction for your weight loss. So, take it with your exercise, training, fitness, and yoga.

Thigh Trimmers

Description of thigh trimmer waist trainer

Body Shaper for Tummy and Thigh

Product Thigh trimmer D02-8
Color Yellow, black, rose red
Size S/M, L/XL
Material Neoprene, nylon
Type One-piece for waist trainer and thigh shaper
Feature Lower waist, adjustable, soft, portable
Function Shape waist, slim thigh
Application Running, training, balls, bicycle, etc
OEM&ODM Welcome

Waist Trainer Thigh ShapingBody Shpaer PantsThigh Shaper Waist Trainer

Three Styles of waist trainer thigh trimmer

Lower Waist Style

High Waist Style

Enhanced Style

Waist Trainer Thigh Shaper Shapwear for Big Thighs All in One Body Shaper

Why choose our Youjie waist trainer?

Thigh Trimmer Body Shaper Corset

The waist trainer thigh shaper is made of neoprene and nylon, which is flexible, durable, easy to clean, and fits your body.
Also, there are many hook&loop designs to make it easy to use and fit for more users. The hooks adjust the size of the waist and thighs to fit you and tighten the muscles to prevent injury. Further, there are 3 parts of the hook to adjust the thigh size and fix them firmly. Then the thigh trimmer helps to burn thighs fat.
Further, the outside of the waist trainer thigh shaping is with OK fabric, which can stick with the hook firmly and you can stick the hooks freely.
In addition, the brace comes with an anti-slip design to increase friction and accelerate fat burn during exercise, yoga, and training.

Merits of waist shaping thigh trimmer

New Body Shaper

LOWER WAIST DESIGN – The waist trainer thigh shaper comes in lower-waist design. It from the lower abdomen to thighs, so it help to tighten the abdomen and thin thighs.
ONE-PIECE TYPE – The neoprene slimming shaper is one-piece type, which wraps fat tummy and thighs. Then it help to shape belly and slim thighs at once when you are doing exercise, training, fitneess or yoga.
WAIST AND THIGHS TRIMER – The neoprene body shaper is soft and marked inside of the fabric. So, it is anti-slip and increases friction to burn fat.
FREE BUTTS STYLE – The butts part of the waist trainer thigh trimmer is vacuumn, which do not affect the butts training. Further, you can take it for more exercises.


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes. Youjie is a manufacturer specialized in Sports & Fitness Brace, Pre & Post Natal Brace, Body Shapers, and medical devices in Hebei Province, very near to Beijing and Tianjin.
2. Q: Can you add my Logo to the waist trainer thigh trimmer?
A: Yes.
3. Q: Can I modify the color of thigh shaping waist trainer?
A: Sure.
4. Q: What types package do you usually use?
A: The standard package: each is in a PE bag, then into a bulk carton.
5. Q: What is the MOQ?
A: MOQ is different, if you are interested in the tummy tuck shaper, contact us now.
6.Q: What is the guarantee of the transaction?
A: Product quality, delivery time and payment are 100% assurance


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