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Therapy Back Brace

1.Size in bag: 9.2*8.2*2.4 inch
2.Knee straps: 68.0*2.0 inch
3.Color: Black, gray, brown, red, coffee, blue
4.Material: Oxford, sandwich, nylon, PVC
5.Type: Sitting back support

What is the therapy back brace?

Therapy back brace is designed to help keep the right posture and reduce lower back pain while sitting. As we all know, the healthy vertebral column comes in S curve: the cervical vertebrae are protruding, the thoracic vertebrae are kyphosis, and the lumbar vertebrae are protruding. Then the whole spine can serve people properly and healthily.

But when we are sitting, the back will involuntarily move forward, making the spine deformed. At this point, the force of the lumbar vertebrae is 250% of the weight, 1.67 times of sitting straight. Thus, the lumbar is injured. So the officer becomes the biggest group of waist & back pain.

In order to reduce lower back pain while sitting, sitting back support is made. It is soft, adjustable, and portable. You can take it anywhere and sit on any chair. The back brace helps you to keep the right sitting posture, support the lower back, relax the waist muscles, and change the bad habits of shaking legs and licking legs.

Description of therapy back brace

Therapy Back Brace

Product Model Therapy back brace D23-1
Size Free size
Size in bag 9.2*8.0*2.4 inch
Knee straps 68.0*2.0 inch
Color Black, gray, brown, red, coffee, bule
Material Oxford, nylon, sandwich, PVC
Type Sitting back support
Feature Portable, adjustable, breathable
Function Keep right sitting posture; reduce lower back pain
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Lumbar Disc Pain Relief sitting back support black better Back Brace While Sitting better plus size Back Support While Sitting

Details of sitting back support

Back Brace Support

Sandwich Foam

The main part of sitting back support is made of foam and sandwiches, which are soft, breathable, and no harm to the skin.

Therapy Back Support

Nylon Handle

The back brace can be compressed into a bag. There is a handle with it and you can take it anywhere conveniently.

Back Pain Relief

Neat Stitches

The connection between the back pad and knee straps is firm and durable.

Sitting Back Support

PVC Buckle

The buckle is made of high-quality PVC to make it strong enough to hold the legs and adjust the pressure.

The function of the Back relief belt

The doctor recommended office essentials. Long time sitting in the office makes the officer become the biggest group of waist & back pain.
#firslty The therapy back brace helps sit straight, improve and correct posture, and reduce waist discomfort or lower back pain.
#then Make your chair ergonomic, check your posture at once whenever you sit down at your desk, on a plane or train, in the office or home, or at a game, conveniently and safely.
#moreover, A small investment for yourself makes a big return on health. And remind to pay much attention to your daily sitting posture to prevent the pain from getting serious.

How to use back support while sitting

Lower Back Brace

1.firstly, Unpack the therapy back brace and make sure which side is up.

Lower Back Support

2. secondly,Sit upright, put the back brace around your lower back. at the same time pull the knee pads over your knees.

Lower Back Support While Sitting

3. third, Put the back pad in a comfortable and upright position. Then adjust the knee straps.

Therapy Back Brace

4. in the last, Buckle up to hold your legs together and adjust the pressure until you are feeling comfortable, then enjoy it.


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