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Slim Shaper E8-1

1.Size: S-3XL
2.Color: Black, beige
3.Material: Polyamide, bone
4.Bone: 4 pieces of steel spring bone
5.Function: Control tummy; slim waist; lift butts

Why is a slim shaper needed?

Slim shaper is a kind of foundation garment. Today, there are too many reasons for women having a fat body: eating fatty food, lacking exercise, sitting when working for a long time of time, and more. But they want to be slimmer and look their best. At that time, a slim shaper is needed for their daily life.
The slim panties is up to the lower breasts to the upper thigh. It can hold the stomach, tummy, lower back, butts, and upper thigh. In addition, it is made of elastic compressive fabric. So it can control the tummy, tighten the back fat, slim the waist, lift and shape butts and thin thigh. And it is smooth, elastic, seamless, and breathable. So, you can wear it comfortably.
You can wear it for any occasion in life: weddings, parties, working, and other times you want to look your best, especially after delivery.

Slim Shaper Panty

Description of slimming panties

Tummy Tuck Panties

Product Model Slim Shaper E8-1
Size S-3XL
Color Black, beige
Material Polyamide, bone
Bone 4 pieces of steel spring bone
Feature Seamless, elastic, breathable
Function Control tummy; slim waist; lift butts
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High Waist Tummy Tuck Waist Shaping PantySlimming PantiesSlimming Panty

Details of slim panties

Slim Panties

Supportive Bone
There are 4 pieces of steel spring bone in the slim shaper. They support the edge and bind the tummy and back fat.

Slim Panty

Smooth & Seamless
The slimming panties is smooth and seamless to wrap the waist, back and belly to make it comfortable when you are wearing.

Postpartum Slim Panties

3D Weaving Design
The butts part of slimming panties is with 3D design to lift butts and shape them.

Postpartum Slim Panty

Anti-sneaked Thigh
The slim panties are to thighs parts to anti sneak and are more comfortable.

Features and functions of slim panties

#High waist design – The slim panties is high-waisted design. It is up to the lower breast to the upper thigh, wrapping the stomach, tummy, and lower back. Also, there are 4 pieces of bone in the slim panties to bind the tummy and back fat and prevent the edge from rolling.
#Compressive fabric – The upper part of slim panties is made of compressive fabric, which is seamless, smooth, and elastic. So, it can control the fat and shape the waist.
#3D butts design – The butts part of the slim shaper is with 3D design. There are different weaving techniques to make it seamless, lift butts prevent sagging and shape the butts.
#Thin thigh design – The slim shaper is low to thigh part, which can not only wrap the thigh to thinner but also anti sneak to be safer.

Wear the slim shaper panties

The slim shaper panties is up to lower breasts and wrap the tummy, belly, waist, butts, and upper thigh. It can tighten the fat and shape the body for good. And it is for any occasion in life: after-delivery, weddings, parties, work, reunions, conferences, ceremonies, meetings, and any time you want to look your best.

Slim Shaper Panties


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