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Resistance Band Chest Exercises

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Usefulness of Resistance Band

1. Whole body exercise
Resistance bands allow you to freely design exercise methods, not only can focus on a single muscle group, but also focus on the entire body at the same time. This is the ideal choice for people who don’t have much time but need full-body exercise, or who want to lose weight, improve endurance or improve cardiorespiratory function.

2. Never boring exercise
With resistance bands, you don’t need to repeat the same exercises. In addition to many exercise options, you can also use resistance bands alone, which can be used in conjunction with door anchors or weightlifting exercises to challenge your body in different ways.

3. Reduce the risk of injury
One of the important benefits of using resistance bands for training is the low risk of injury. Whether it is punching, stretching, pushing or pulling, the resistance band can meet your needs.

4. Never miss a workout
Neither work nor leisure travel should be a reason to stop exercising. Even if the hotel space is small, the resistance band can also allow you to fully exercise without affecting your schedule.

5. Improve cardiopulmonary function
Try to challenge muscle and cardiovascular system exercise to increase heart rate. For example, step on the resistance band under your feet, raise the two handles to shoulder height, and then perform opening and closing jumps. When doing aerobic exercise for a long time, please keep enough water and electrolytes.

Resistance Band Advantage

1. Integrative weave
The resistance bands are with integrative weave. so it is washable and ddurable.
2. Anti-slip gel
There are two parts of the bands with anti-slip gel to keep the bands on the arms,thighs or other parts you want to train.
3. Circle band
The bands are round to make the resistance for fitness or exercise.also,they are protable and you can easily take it anywhere.

Product Info

Model NO. F0 Power trainer resistance band
Material Polyester, latex
Color Blue,black, red
Size S:64*8cm, M:74*8cm, L:84*8cm
Type With anti-slip latex
Function Power trainer, butts lifting, arms slim, thigh slim
Trial order Acceptable
OEM Custom logo, label or packaging

Sample Info

Sample Quality sample and salesman sample are available
Delivery time Within 24 hours for samples
Shipping way DHL, UPS, FedEx or other expresses ASAP


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