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Punching Ball With Stand

We are the manufacturer of Punching Ball. We produce various styles of Punching Bag. Welcome to consult us. The factory price guarantees high quality and low price.

Advantage of Punching Bag

1.Teenager and Adult Boxing Speed Ball

The height of boxing speed ball is adjustable from 120 cm to 160 cm. So, it is suitable for teenager and adult to practice boxing speed skill and kicking speed skill.

2.Rebound Angle 90°

The speed punching ball is with a spring to help practice boxing speed boxing skills. The spring is made of 82B carbon steel with a diameter of 7 mm, which has good resilience, shock absorption and quiet performance.

3.Structure of Solid Speed Ball

The high-speed ball is solid, which is composed of three layers of materials. The innermost layer is a solid high-elastic polyurethane foam lining, the middle layer is a buffer layer, and the outermost layer is thick and high-density PU leather. This not only helps practice boxing skills, but also protects the palms.

4.Vase of Boxing Punching Speed Bag

The vase of boxing speed ball is empty and it is with 6 pieces of suckers. So, there are two ways to increase the stability of the stand speed punching ball. 6 pieces of sucker can increase the stability of punching ball when it is on marble or wooden floor. And when the speed punching ball is on other kinds of floor, adding weight to the empty vase with sand or water can increase the stability of punching ball.

Technical parameters

Color Red, black
Height 120 cm – 160 cm
Material PU, PE, 82B carton steel
Spring 82B carton steel— Diameter: 7mm
Boxing ball One-piece high elastic polyurethane
Feature Stable, buffered, durable
Function Body shaper, keep fit, strength training
Application Fitness, workout, exercise, training


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