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Pressure Relieving Mattress

  1. Color: Blue
  2. Size: 2000mm*900mm
  3. Material: Medical PVC, electric pump
  4. Feature: Alternating air pressure
  5. Function: Anti bedsore, decutibues, ulcer


What is a pressure relieving mattress?

Pressure relieving mattress is a kind of air overlay that fit on the bed to give a comfortable surface when you are lying in bed for a long time. This kind of mattress is with air pump. It is alternating pressure to help the person to prevent pressure sores, pressure ulcer, bedsores, and decubitus. Air pneumatic mattress can be usded in hospitable and home to care the old person and bedridden patients. The medical air mattress is with an electric pump to meet your demand for pressure.

More details of pressure relieving mattress

Low Air Loss Mattress

Product Model Pressure relieving mattress A10-1
Color Blue
Size 2000mm*900mm
Material Medical PVC, electric pump
Air bag 20 pieces of air bag
Bearing 135 kg
Volume of pump No more than 20 decibel
Advantage Micro-pore blows to interfere with the growth of bacterial and keep dry; alternating pressure to relieve pressure
Feature Alternating pressure, removable air bags
Function Relieve pressure to anti bedsore, ulcer, and decubitus
Application Who are lying in bed for a long time in home or hospital

How does the alternating pressure mattress work?

The inflatable air alternating pressure mattress is made of ripple air tubes. And the pump is with bouble air vents to make the mattress being alternating pressure to keep the skin dry and massage full body to anti bedsore, decubitus, and ulcers. The alternating pressure air mattress can touch the body with different air tubes to make the body more comfortable when people are lying in bed for a long time.

Anti Decubitus Mattress

Details of anti decubitus mattress

Pressure Relieving Mattress

Removable air bag

The anti decubitus mattress is made of air bags, which are removable, washable, durable and replaceable.

Medical Air Mattress

Durable Button

The air bags are fixed with  PVC buttons, which are durable, and easy to use.

Anti Decubitus Mattress

Thickened Pipe

The thickened pipes are connecting the air bags and the electric pump to make the mattress alternating.

Notes of medical bed mattress

Pressure Relieving Mattress

A)When you find the pump is noisy, please shut off the current right now.

B)Who is more than 135 kg is forbidden to use that mattress.

C)When your wound doesn’t heal after the operation, please don’t use it.

D)Avoid the sharp things touching the mattress, to prevent tearing it.

E)Please keep the surface clean, and stop the acid-base thing gets to the mattress.

F)After using, let the air out entirely, fold it and put it into the original package.

G)Keep it in a dry, and draughty environment, avoid strong sunlight.

H)Take the doctor’s advice to use.


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