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Maternity Support D05

1.Size:F, XL
2.Color:Beige, black, pink
4.Bone:6 pieces
5. Application:Pre & Post Natal

What is pregnancy support?

Pregnancy Support is designed for women who are during pregnancy.  It is a band to wrap their lower back and belly to reduce pains and support the belly, then the pregnant women can feel more comfortable. Today, more and more women are working during the pregnant period. And the pregnancy support belly band can help reduce lower back pain and support the fetus bump while the pregnant are doing activities, especially during the second and third trimesters.

Description of pregnancy Brace support

Pregnancy Support

Product Model Pregnancy support D05
Size F, XL
Color Beige, pink, black
Material 80%polyester+20%spandex
Type Breathable mesh type
Bone 6 pieces of steel spring bone
Application Pre&post natal
Feature Soft, elastic, adjustable, supportive
Function Support belly, reduce lower back pain
OEM&ODM Welcome

big belly Maternity Support Brace for women
Pregnancy Brace
pink L size Maternity Belly Brace

Details of Belly Support brace

Tummy Support During Pregnancy

Supportive Bone

There are 6 pieces of elastic bones in the pregnancy belly support brace. They are elastic enough to fit the waist and strong enough to support the brace.

Baby Bump Support

Composite Material

The maternity brace is made of composite material in the hook&loop part. Then it is durable and can stick more firmly.

Tummy Support During Pregnancy

Breathable fabric

The main part of pregnancy brace is made of breathable fabric, which is elastic and breathable, no harm to skin.

Belly Support Brace

Neat Stitches

The edge of the maternity support brace is with neat “W” type stitches. so that They can hold the edge when the brace is pulled.

Advantage of maternity belly brace

The maternity belly brace is made of high-quality polyester and spandex. It is elastic and adjustable to fit the curve of the lower waist. Also, there are six pieces of bone to support the brace. They can support the lower back to reduce lower back pain. The elastic brace can wrap the belly to support the baby bump and make the women more comfortable. And, the maternity belly support can be used during the pregnant period to support the belly and the postpartum period to recover the pelvis.

Maternity Belly Brace


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