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Pregnancy Belly Support

  • Product name: Belly support waistband
  • Model Number: D05-7
  • Feature: Seamless, soft, elastic, breathable
  • Function: Care the belly
  • Pregnant period: 3 month – 9 month
  • Package: Customized

Why do pregnant women need to use a belly support?

As the fetus grows up, the pregnant mother’s belly will get bigger and bigger. Over time, various discomforts will appear in the spine. What should I do at this time? Is there any solution?

The abdomen belt can hold the big abdomen steadily, reduce the pressure on the waist and abdomen, thereby further alleviating the discomfort of the spine. The following 4 types of pregnant mothers are recommended to use abdominal support belts:

    1. For pregnant mothers who have given birth to a baby, the abdominal wall has become very loose and prone to abdomen sagging. It is recommended to use an abdominal support belt to further improve the above situation.
    2. When the ligaments connecting the pelvis are loose and painful, it is recommended to use an abdominal support belt, which can support the back and further relieve the pain.
    3. If pregnant women suffer from loose ligaments connecting the pelvis, they should use the abdominal support belt in time, which can support the back well and relieve the pain. Helping pregnant women lift their abdomen is the main purpose of lifting belts during pregnancy.
    4. If the pregnant woman has a hanging abdomen, it is recommended to choose a belly belt, because the pregnant woman’s abdominal wall will be very loose, resulting in the formation of a “hanging abdomen”. As the number of months of pregnancy increases, the enlarged abdomen will hang down like a big watermelon. At this time, the use of a support belt can support the sagging lower abdomen and reduce the pressure on the pubic bone.

Technical Parameters

Product name Maternity pregnancy belly support waistband
Color Beige, black
Size M, L, XL, XXL
Material 11% spandex, 89% polyester
Feature Seamless, soft, elastic, breathable
Function Wrap and care belly
Pregnant period 3 month – 9 month
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Best Pregnancy Belly Support Band Manufacturer Maternity Belt With Factory Price

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