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postpartum gauze roll

1.Color: White
2.Size: L, XL, XXL
3.Material: 100% cotton
4.Ply: 2 ply
5.Type: Cotton gauze roll

What does postpartum gauze roll do?

Postpartum gauze roll is a kind of braces for women during the postpartum period. It comes in a rolled bandage 9 meters long. And the roll can wrap women’s abdomen firmly to tighten muscles, push organs up, and restore them to their natural condition during the postpartum period. After delivery, women’s bodies will have great changes, especially their abdomen organs. Therefore, during the postpartum period, an abdomen binder is needed to reduce the damages caused by these changes to their bodies. The belly roll tightens the abdomen to prevent their organs and wraps lower back to reduce pains.

Description of postpartum binder

Postpartum Gauze Roll

Product Model Postpartum gauze roll D04-8
Color White
Size L:7.2*360.0inch,XL:8.0*360.0inch,XXL:8.8*3.6.0inch
Material 100% cotton
Ply 2 ply
Type Cotton gauze roll
Application For women after delivery
Feature Soft, breathable, eo-friendly
Function Push up abdominal organs; tighten the loose muscles
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Postpartum Gauze Rollpure gauze white Maternity Belt after Deliverywhite pure gauze Stomach Belt after Delivery

Details of maternity gauze roll

Belly Binder after Delivery

Postpartum Gauze Roll

That postpartum belt comes in a rolled bandage 9 meters long. So, you can cut it to meet your demand. And the postpartum gauze roll tightens the abdomen firmly and reduce pains after delivery.

Stomach Belt after Delivery

Natural Cotton

Maternity gauze roll after delivery is made of  100% natural cotton, which is soft, gentle, breathable. Thus, it is not easy to reproduce bacteria and no harm to the skin.

Postpartum Belly Binder

Neat edge

Abdomen gauze roll is with neat edges to make it softer, gentler, and more comfortable when you are wrapping it.

Postpartum Recovery Belt

Double Pins

There are two pins for free with the tummy control gauze roll. They can fix the edge easily.

Advantages of postnatal gauze roll

Postpartum gauze roll wraps women’s abdomen to tighten muscles, push organs up, and restore them to their natural condition during the postpartum period.
#100% Natural Cotton – The maternity gauze roll is made of 100% natural cotton, which is soft, gentle, breathable, and no harm to the skin.
#Rolled Bandage – The postpartum binder comes in a rolled bandage 9 meters long, which can tighten the abdomen firmly. Also, you can cut the bandage to meet your demand.
#2 Ply – The cotton roll is with 2 plies to make it more durable for using and more effective to restore the body’s natural condition.


Postpartum Binder


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer of the postpartum gauze roll?
A: Yes. Youjie is a manufacturer specialized in Pre&post natal brace, Sports & Fitness Brace; Back & waist support belt, and Medical devices. Also, Youjie can help you to find hot sellers you are interested in.
2. Q: Can you add my Logo on the gauze belt?
A: Yes, Youjie can add your logo, label, and other information on the gauze roll as your demand. Also, silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber logo pad, and embroidery can be customized as your order.

3. Q: Can I modify the color or material of the maternity belt after delivery?
A: Sure, Youjie could modify and improve the braces to meet your demand.
4. Q: What types of packages do you usually use?
A: The standard package: each is in a PE bag/zipper bag, then in a carton. And the packaging can be customized as your order.
5.Q: Can you make a new kind of postpartum brace?
A: Yes. Youjie can make the items according to your pictures or ideas.


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