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Pelvic Correction Belt D04-1

1.Color: Beige
2.Size: M, L, XL, XXL
3.Material: Polyester, spandex
4.Type: Band type; Mesh type
5.Function: Reduce pelvic girdle pain; correct pelvic

What does Pelvic Correction Belt do?

The pelvic correction belt provides a stable compression to the imbalanced pelvic ring, then to correct the pelvis position and reduce pelvic girdle pain. That pelvic brace also helps to relieve hip and backpressure caused by anterior pelvic tilt, then keeps the pelvis in its right position. And the extra bands not only adjust the size to the pelvic but also firm the belt to meet your demand. The pelvic brace is breathable, soft and elastic. Then you can wear it for daily life.

Pelvic Corrective Belt

Description of pelvic brace

Pelvic Correction Belt

Product Model Pelvic correction belt D04-1
Material Polyester, spandex
Color Beige
Size M:36.0*6.4 inch, L:40.0*6.4 inch, XL:44.0*6.4 inch, XXL:48.0*6.4 inch
Type Band type; mesh type
Feature Soft, elastic, adjustable, breathable
Function Reduce pelvic girdle pain; correct pelvic
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Pelvic Correction BeltPelvic Correction BeltPostpartum Pelvic Belt

Details of pelvis brace

Postpartum Pelvic Band

Breathable fabric

The pelvic correction belt is made of polyester and spandex, which are breathable, soft, elastic and no harm to the skin.

Puerpera Pelvic Slim Belt

Neat Stitches

The pelvis brace is with “N”-type stitches, which is elastic to prevent damage caused by pulling.

Postpartum Recovery Belt

Lengthened Hook&loop

There is a high-grade hook&loop on the pelvic brace. It sticks firmly, then helps to adjust the compression of the belt.

Postpartum Belt Hips

Extra Bands

The pelvic belt comes with extra bands to adjust the size and compression on the pelvic to meet your demand.

Who needs the pelvic belt?

A.The fetus of a pregnant woman is too large;
B. Malposition, outside help pregnant women by doctors after surgery righting;
C. Abdominal muscle soreness pregnant women;
D. Belly sagging, prone to premature delivery and miscarriage in pregnant women;
E. Worry about sagging abdomen, affecting the postpartum resumption of pregnant women;
F. Varicose veins and edema more serious for pregnant women;
G. Postpartum women need to recovery or slimming her body.


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer of pelvic correction belt?
A: Youjie is a manufacturer specialized in Pre&post natal brace, Sports & Fitness Brace; Back & waist support belt, and Medical devices. Youjie also is a trading company helping you to find hot sellers in the market.

2. Q: Can you add my Logo on the pelvic belt?
A: Yes, Youjie could add your logo or label on the pelvic belt as your demand. And, silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber logo pad and embroidery can be customized as your order.

3. Q: Can I modify the color or material of the pelvis brace?
A: Sure, Youjie could modify and improve the braces to meet your demand.
4. Q: What types of package do you usually use?
A: The standard package: each is in a PE bag/zipper bag, then in a carton. And the packaging can be customized as your order.
5. Q: Do you have MOQ for the products?
A: MOQ is different for each product, please contact us for more information.


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