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Oxygen Bag Mask

Factory Direct Hospital Home Reusable Medical PVC Blue 30L 42L Oxygen Reservoir Bag.High Quality Medical PVC Reusable Hospital Breathing Bag with CE.

Features of medical oxygen bag mask

The biggest and most notable feature of medical oxygen bag is light weight, easy to carry, easy to store and so on. It is widely used in hospital emergency, patient transfer and primary medical care facilities, usually blue.

Advantages of oxygen bags

  • Long use time.
  • Automatic pressure plate, simple operation, saving manpower.
  • The oxygen bag is easy to carry and can be taken out separately.
  • The utilization rate is high, and there is no residual oxygen in the oxygen bag.
  • It can be widely used in first aid, transportation and home use to achieve sufficient oxygen flow and is easy to use, safe and practical.
  • The medical oxygen bag pressurization device and the oxygen output flow device are safe and effective, and the pressure is balanced, and the oxygen flow is maintained during the oxygen inhalation process.

Oxygen Bag Mask Technical parameters

Product Name oxygen reservoir bag
Size 30L, 42L
Material Medical PVC
Color Blue
Valve Valve control
Feature Portable, eco-friendly, durable, reusable
Function Stock oxygen

If you want the mask, just contact us.
oxygen mask with bag cost Medical Oxygen mask supplier
1. Do not exceed the prescribed working pressure of 10.6Kpa (about 0.1 kg/cm2) during oxygenation
2. When using for the first time, first fill the air with the air outlet facing down, expel the air when shooting to expel the remaining release agent.
3. Use the clip to adjust the oxygen absorption. When the pressure is too low, pressure should be applied outside the bag.
4. When the oxygen bag is full of oxygen, please close the rolling head tightly, do not squeeze, and do not approach the ignition source.
5. Please avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, avoid contacting with sharp objects and chemicals, and squeeze excessively. The bag should be filled with a small amount of air to prevent the bag from sticking during long-term storage.


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