Best Nasal Wash Cleaner 300/500ml for Kids and Adults for Cheap Sale

Nasal Wash Cleaner Nose Irrigator

  • Colour : Blue
  • Capacity: 300ml/500ml
  • Brand Name: Youjie Med
  • Two tips : Single orifice nozzle for adult /Four-hole nozzle for children

How to use nasal wash

  • The nasal washing device needs to use a certain pressure to send saline into the nostrils, pass through the nasal vestibule, sinuses, nasal passages, pass through the nasopharynx, discharge from the nostrils or discharge from the oral cavity. In this way, the bactericidal effect of the physiological saline itself and the impact of the water flow excrete the pathogens and dirt in the nasal cavity from the body, restoring the normal physiological environment of the nose.
  • Because of the use of light salt water, the nasal washing device is relatively safe, so it will not cause too much damage to the nose. You need to pay attention to the nasal washing device during the operation. If frequent use can cause physical irritation to the nose, it may cause the nose to become sick. The use of a nasal washing device can wash away foreign bodies in the nasal cavity, ensure that the nasal cavity is clean, and effectively prevent diseases.

Technical parameters

Product name Nasal Washing Irrigation Bottle
Color Blue
Material Plastic
Capacity 300ml, 500ml
Nozzle 2 different kinds of nozzle (one for children; one for adult)
Valve Water control valve
Used for Nose washing
Application Children & Adult


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