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Maternity Support Brace D05-1

1.Size: L, XL
2.Color: Beige, pink
3.Maternity: Polyester, cotton
4.Type: One-piece type
5.Function: Reduce back pain; support belly

What is a maternity support brace?

A maternity support brace is a wrap around the pregnancy women’s belly when they have a baby. It is designed to provide gentle support for the pregnant belly to even distribute the fetus weight and the pregnant lower back to reduce back pain and fatigue. The maternity brace is made of soft, yet durable materials to care for mom’s belly and babies. And the pregnancy support brace is with high-quality hook&loop to fit a variety of shapes and sizes and be easy to use for pregnant women.

Description of maternity brace band

Pregnancy Support

Product Model Maternity support brace D05-1
Size L, XL
Color Beige, pink
Material Polyester, cotton
Type One-piece type
Feature Soft, adjustable, breathable
Function Reduce back pain; Support belly
OEM&ODM Welcome

Maternity Belly Support Pregnancy Support Brace Maternity Support Brace

Details of the pregnancy support band

Baby Bump Support

One-piece design

The pregnancy support comes in a one-piece design, which is simple, portable, and easy to use. Also, it can wrap the belly and lower back at the same time to care for moms.

Maternity Support Brace

soft stitches

In order to make the pregnancy brace gentle to use, the stitches are soft and neat. Then the brace is no harm to skin and durable for wearing.

Tummy Support During Pregnancy

Two parts of Hook&loop

There are two parts of hook&loop on the maternity brace. They can stick the brace firmly and help to adjust the size of the belly and to provide gentle support to the belly.

Maternity Support Brace

Gentle edge

The edge of the pregnant belly support is wrapped with soft material to make the brace soft and no harm to the belly when you are wearing.

Advantages of tummy support brace during pregnancy

A)EASE DISCOMFORT – Maternity belly support band relieves pelvic pain, supports abdominal muscles, improves posture, minimizes spinal strain, and enables expecting mothers to keep up with daily activities, whether at home, at work, or at the gym.
B)PRENATAL SUPPORT – The pregnancy wrap cradles protects and embraces the unborn baby. It promotes the spreading of the baby’s weight more evenly over the mother’s abdomen and back, lightens the load from the additional weight that the ligament has to endure to support the mother’s growing embryo, and helps to reduce stretch marks by preventing the tummy from sagging.
C)ONE-PIECE TYPE – The pregnancy support brace comes in one-piece type. Just one belly band will serve as a fully adjustable support system throughout the entire pregnancy.

Pour hot water into the cup, cover that cup with the belly strap, and then place another cup on the belly strap. After 30 seconds, a lot of water droplets appeared on the cup above. This proves that the abdominal belt has good breathability.

Belly Support Pregnancy


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer of maternity support brace?
A: Youjie is a manufacturer specialized in Pre & Post Natal Brace; Sports & Fitness Brace; Back & waist support belt, and Medical devices. OEM and ODM are acceptable. And, Youjie helps to find the products you are interested in.
2. Q: Can you add my Logo on the pregnancy brace?
A: Yes, Youjie can add your logo, label, and more information on the brace. And the silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber logo pad, and embroidery are for your choice.

3. Q: Can I modify the color or material of the maternity brace?
A: Yes, Youjie can modify and improve the braces as your design.
4. Q: What types of packages do you usually use?
A: The standard package: each is in a PE/ zipper bag, then into a bulk carton. And, the packaging can be customized as your order.
5. Q: Do you have MOQ for the products?
A: MOQ is different for each product, if you are interested in that product, contact us now.


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