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magnetic therapy posture corrector

1.Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
2.Color: Black, blue, pink, white
3.Material: Neoprene,  steel, magnets
4.Mangets: 10 pieces
5.Function: Magnetic therapy; correct posture

How does the magnetic therapy posture corrector work?

The magnetic therapy posture corrector is a means of physical therapy for bad posture to correct. It is full back design to provide more pressure and support to help men and women maintain proper shoulder and back posture and reduce back pain with magnetic therapy. The bad posture is caused by years, and it is very difficult to correct by ourselves. Then a posture corrector device is needed.
First, full back design helps correct shoulder and back state at one time. Second, adjustable double shoulder straps can balance the shoulder posture. Third, the shoulder straps and waist brace help the posture corrector to suit the body perfectly and comfortably. Forth, the magnets can help reduce the shoulder back pain caused by bad posture after wearing the magnetic therapy posture corrector for a period.

Description of magnetic posture corrector

color customized Magnetic tourmaline Therapy Posture Corrector

Product Model magnetic therapy posture corrector D33-2
Color Black, blue, pink, white
Material Neoprene, steel, magnets
Magnet 10 pieces
Type Magnetic full-back
Feature Soft, adjustable, convenient
Function Magnetic therapy; Correct posture
OEM&ODM Welcome

black big size Posture Corrective Therapy Back BraceMagnetic tourmaline Posture Correctorblack free size Posture Corrector Magnetic Therapy

Functions of shoulder posture corrector

1.Provide support for your shoulders and back with adjustable straps.
2.Aid poor digestion and make you feel more comfortable.
3.improves your posture, making you walk straight which will help your back be straight.
4.comfortable and light wear underneath clothes.
5.makes you stand taller and straighter

Details of therapy posture corrector

black magnet tourmaline Shoulder Straps Posture Corrector

“∞” type shoulder straps

The magnetic posture corrector comes in adjustable double shoulder straps to hold and correct shoulder posture.

Magnetic Posture Corrector Reviews

Magnetic Therapy

There are 10 pieces of magnets on the upper back part and lower back part to reduce pains.

Shoulder Harness for Posture

Steel holder

The holders of the shoulder harness for posture is made of steel, which is strong and durable.

Therapy Magnetic Posture Corrector

Lengthened Hook&loop

The posture corrector is with lengthened hook&loop to adjust the size and firm the bands on the lower back.


Q1 How many pieces of magnets in the back posture support?
A: There are 10 pcs of magnets with back posture support. And it can be made as your demand.
Q2 Is there any back posture support without any magnet?
A: Yes, there are some kinds of posture support without magnet.
Q3 Are you a manufacture?
A: We are a manufacturer in Hebei Province near to Beijing and Tianjin.
Q4 What is your payment terms?
A: Payment terms: PayPal, Western Union, T/T, Cash.

Q5 Can you send samples?
A: Yes. Samples are available and the delivery time of samples is within 24 hours after confirming.
Q6 I find your product is similar to what I want. Can you make the exact product I want?
A: Yes. We are a manufacturer and welcome OEM/ODM. You can send us the sample, pictures or idea about the exact product you want. We can make the sample for you.


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