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Knee Support D32-6

  1. Size: S, M, L, XL
  2. Color: Black, gray, red
  3. Material: Spandex, bone, silicone
  4. Bone: 2 pieces of elastic steel bone
  5. Function: Protect knees; reduce knee pain

Advantages of knee sleeves for running

Knee sleeves for running helps to protect knee joints, tightened the muscles around the knees to prevent injury and reduce knee pain during sports and training. And they fit for women and men.
#Material. The knee protector is made of spandex, bone, and silicone. They are soft, elastic, breathable, no harm to the skin. The elastic fabric is fixed with an elastic thread to make knee sleeves more comfortable and tightened the muscles preventing injury.
#Textile technology. There are different textile technology in the knee sleeves to make them seamless and comfortable when be worn. And the conical design prevents the knee protector from slipping when you are sweating.
#Bone & silicone donut. The knee brace is with 2 elastic bones to support the knees and prevent the edge from rolling and with a high-quality soft silicone donut to protect the knee patella from injury.

Description of knee sleeves

Knee Protector

Product Model Knee sleeves for running D32-6
Color Black, gray, red
Size S, M, L, XL
Material Spandex, bone, silicone
Bone 2 pieces
Feature Elastic, breathable, protective
Function Protect knees; reduce knee pain
Application Running, training, balls, bicycle, etc
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Details of knee protector

Custom Knee Brace

Supportive bone

There are 2 pieces of bone inside the knee belt to support the knee and provent the edges from rolling.

Basketball Knee Brace

Silicone donut

There is a silicone donut inside the knee wrap. It is soft to absorb shock of knee patella to protect from injury.

Knee Sleeves

Seamless design

The knee brace adopt one-time forming textile technology to make it strong, comfortable when be worn and hard to be worn out.

Running Knee Sleeves

Elastic edge

Knee protectors are with elastic covered edge and neat stitches to make it strong and you can wear it for a long time.

Feature & Function of Knee sleeves

#COMFORT WRAP SUPPORT – Makes it ideal for daily life for tenniss, basketball, cycling, volleyball, jogging, running, hiking, golf, soccer, climbing, bodybuilding, dancing and other fitness & sports.
#3D KNITTING TECHNOLOGY – This fashionable and stylish knee sleeves with 360 degree stretch capability to diffuse the pressure of knees, protect them from ligament strain and tightened the muscles to protect knees from injuiry when doing sports.
#SOFT & COMFORTABLE MATERIAL – With a soft high-performance fabric, the knee protector embrace the natural contours of the knees. The high-breathability design ensures high moisture-wicking & anti-odor to keep knees dry & comfortable when doing exercise and training. Also, they can help maintain the optimum joint temperature.
#DIFFERENT TEXTILE TECHNOLOGY – Conical design secures it firmly in position and prevents the knee compression sleeve from slipping off frequently. Then you can wear it for a long time comfortably.


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