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Hula Hoop

  • Net weight: 1.0kg
  • Material: ABS
  • Function: Lose weight hula hoop
  • Application: Fitness, indoor, outdoor
  • Feature: Detachable, adjustable, weighted

Wholesale Price Weighted Smart Hula Hoop Circle Adjustable Adults Lose Weight

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Details of Fitness Circle Hula Hoop

1. Fitness And Massage
When the hula hoops rapid rotation, the massage floating point will deeply massage your subcutaneous tissue, which can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue. Especially for mothers with bloated waist after birth, or who sit in an office for a long time and lack exercise, it is very practical.
2. Removable Design
The Smart hula hoops consists of 24 Knots, which can be assembled and disassembled with just push of the button. The Soft hula hoops can be adjusted to 17 to 24 sections according to your need. These parts are easy to install and remove, and easy to store. The upper limit is 132cm / 51.96 inches, with Magnet Buckle, the size can be adjusted at any time.
3. Easy To Use
The Smart hula hoops is simple and easy to use. Compared with the traditional hula hoops , the smart hula will not drop, solving the problem that beginners will not use. The Smart and Soft hoop have a massage function, 30 minutes a day, can reduce labor pain in the waist, accelerate abdominal fat burning, and exercise out a charming waist curve.
4. Suitable For Any People
The hula rings are suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. For people of different body types, you can adjust the number of knots to suit your waistline. The hula hoops is the easiest and most fun exercise. Adults, Children, Obese People, Poor physical fitness, need to Keep Slim Aerobics, or Dance Team Members, are very practical.

Technical Parameters

Product name F22-1 Detachable adjustable hoola ring hoop
Color Red, purple
Section 24 sections
Material ABS
Net weight 1.0 kg (can be weighted)
Weighted With wheat, beans, sand, or others
Feature Adjustable, detachable, portable
Function Tummy trimmer, waist sim, lose weight
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