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home cervical traction device

  1. Material: Medical PVC, latex, flannel
  2. Size: Free size
  3. Color: Brown, gray, purple, blue, red
  4. Feature: Portable, soft, adjustable
  5. Function: Reduce cervical neck pain

What is a home cervical traction device?

Home cervical traction device is a kind of medical device. It can reduce the pressure of cervical vertebra. So, the cervcial vertebra tractor can ease the chroic neck pain, radicular pain, diminished cervical range of motion and headeache caused by more pressure of cervical disc. Now, home cervical traction device is more and more pupular. People can reduce cervical neck pain in home easily and conveniently. And the portable and inflatable cervical traction is the top choice for people.

What Does Cervical Traction Do?

The cervical traction works by stretching the cervical vertebrae and muscles to reduce the neck pressure and pain. It can stretch or pull the head away from the neck. In other words, inflatable neck traction can creat space between the vertebra to decompress and allow the neck muscles to relax, then it can help to reduce neck pain.

Neck Decompression Device

Description of Neck Decompression device

colorful three layers inflation Cervical Tractebrae Tractor

Product Model Home cervical traction device B09
Color Brown, blue, gray, purple, red
Material Medical PVC, latex, flannel
Size Free size
Seal Heating-seal for the tank
Length of seal 3mm
Feature Soft, adjustable, inflatable
Function Decompress pressure; reduct neck pain; Correct neck posture
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Details of Cervical traction device

three layer red velvet air inflation Cervical Traction Device
Home Cervical Traction Device

Soft Flannel

The inflatable neck traction is made of full flannel, which is soft and gentle to the skin. Also, the connection between the tank and pipe is made of metal to make it durable.

Home Cervical Traction Device

Air Valve

There is a PVC valve on the pipe to control the pressure of the tank in the cervical traction unit. That makes it easy and convenient to use when you want to take it.

Home Cervical Traction Device

Latex Pump

The inflatable neck traction comes with an air pump to inflate the air tank to adjust the height and pressure of cervical traction unit. Then you can adjust it to meet your demand.

Take the cervical traciton with you

Cervical Traction Unit


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