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high waist tummy shaping panty

1.Size: S-4XL
2.Color: Black, beige, purple, red
3.Material: Polyamide, bamboo, charcocal, bone
4.Bone: 4 pieces of steel spring bone
5.Type: Honeycomb belly; 3D knitting for butts

Why should you wear a high waist tummy tuck shaping panty?

High waist tummy tuck shaping panty is one kind of foundation garment. The slimming panties help to shape the fat belly, control tummy, slim waist and lift butts so that make you feel more confident.
The slim shaper is a high waist so that wraps the stomach and tummy. In addition, there are 4 pieces of bone inside the slim shaper. They can not only support the edge, but also curve the waist firmly. Then, the parties can control the tummy.

Otherwise, the slim panties are seamless, so that you can wear it comfortably. The slim shaper is designed with honeycomb cells, it increases the friction on the belly to burn fat and keep the belly warm, which is very good for you.  For the part of the butt, the slimming panties are  3D design, it will prevent them from sagging and shape them.

You can wear the slim panties for any occasion: parties, work, weddings, daily life, and even more any time you want to look your best.

Description of slimming Shaper panty

Slim Shaper,3D high waist shaping panty

Product Model High waist tummy tuck waist slimming panty E6-1
Size S-4XL
Color Black, beige, purple, red
Material Polyamide, bamboo, charcoal, bone
Bone 4 pieces of steel spring bone
Type Honeycomb belly parts; 3D knitting for butts
Function Control tummy; slim waist; lift butts
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Details of Slimming Panties

beige plus size Slimming Panties underwear suppliers

Supportive Bone

There are 4 pieces of bones in slimming panties, IT support the edge and also help to wrap the stomach, tummy, and belly.

Honeycomb belly parts Slimming Panties

Honeycomb Design

The belly part of the slim shaper is with a honeycomb design. It has many cells, which can increase the friction to burn fat and keep the belly warm.

High Waist Tummy Tuck Waist Shaping Panty

Bamboo fabric

The seat of slimming panties is with bamboo, which is soft, breathable, anti-bacteria and wet-absorption.

Polyamide shaping panty for women

3D lifting Butts design

The slim panties are 3D design so that to support hips prevent sagging and adjust the hip shape.

Features & Functions of slimming underwear

#Firstly, Tummy Control Shapewear – High waist tummy tuck waist shaping panty help to make your tummy look tighter and toned while providing firm control throughout your midsection. The high waist design provides slim shaper panties with a smooth design that makes you look good in any dress or outfit so you can be more confident!

#Sencondly, Butt Lifter Shaping panties – These slimming panties with a spandex blend tighten your tummy and lift your butts. This is the slim shaping panties with a purpose, as not only they are comfortable and breathable, but also this is truly the best shapewear with so many benefits: look skinnier, feel skinnier, and be more confident for women.

#Thirdly, Panty, Waist Trainers – The high waist slim shaper tightens your tummy and starts shaping your body.The high waist design is good for any occasion in life: not only in weddings, parties, work, reunions, conferences, ceremonies, meetings, but also and any time you want to look your best.


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