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Hemorrhoids Cushion

  1. Material: Medical PVC, nylon
  2. Size: ID:4.8 inch, OD:16.0 inch
  3. Color: Black, blue, brown, gray, red, coffee
  4. Function: Reduce the pressure of hemorrhoids
  5. Air pump: Free

What is a hemorrhoids cushion?

Hemorrhoids cushion is a kind of pillow. They are placed beneath the buttocks to reduce the pressure on hemorrhoids. The sitting cushion can ease pains while sitting at work, at home, or in a vehicle. Usually, the pile’s cushion for sitting comes in donut-shaped. Thus, the donut ring cushion can make more room for the buttocks to let the blood circulate normally. And then, it can help to prevent piles and reduce hemorrhoids pains.

Description of hemorrhoid ring cushion

air donut sitting cushion

Product Model Hemorrhoids cushion C01
Color Brown, blue, red, black, gray, coffee
Material Medical PVC, nylon
Size ID:4.8 inch, OD:16.0 inch
Feature Soft, adjustable, inflatable, portable
Function Reduce the pressure of hemorrhoids
Air pump Free
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Details of Hemorrhoids donut air cushion

Hemorrhoids Cushion

Soft fabric

The hemorrhoids cushion is made of soft fabric, which is gentle to touch. And the color and the style can be ordered.

pvc Hemorrhoids infation Cushion

Medical PVC Tank

The seat cushion for hemorrhoids comes with a medical PVC tank. The tank applies heating-seal technical skill to make it strong to hold the air.

Hemorrhoids air inflation Cushion with pump

Durable Air Value

The medical donut cushion is with a rubber air valve. It is soft and durable. If you want the air to be out, please squeeze th bottom of this valve.

How to use the medical donut piles cushion

The medical donut piles cushion is foldable, portable, and inflatable. First, unfold the cushion. Then, inflate it with the air pump. At the same time, please let the pump to touch the bottom of the air value. And when the donut cushion is inflated to 4/5 of the volume, it is to its high-point. Finally, make sure the valve is closed. Then you can enjoy the cushion.

blue air cushion for Hemorrhoids with pump

Enjoy the donut seat cushion

Medical Air Donut Cushion

Take and enjoy it

The donut seat cushion is portable and inflatable. You can take it anywhere. If you want to enjoy it sitting at work, at home or in a vehicle, you just take it out and inflate it with the pump.


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