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Heavy Punching Boxing Bag

Heavy Punching Boxing Bag is a home punching bag that can be setup quickly in any apartment, office, hotel, or house. Home boxing workouts are included with Heavy Punching Boxing Bag.

Advantages of Punching Boxing Bag

1. Multifunctional Training
The punching bag comes with speed ball, speed bar, and boxing bag. With it, you can carry out the speed training, reaction ability training, boxing skills training and daily fitness training. Also, it is suitable for kids and adults.
2. Material & Struction
Boxing bag comes in multi-layer structure: 2mm thick PU leather strike surface, high-density EPE foam, eco-friendly rubber buffer, and filling layer. Then a long and heavy beat will not harm your hands or legs.
3. Stable Base
The round base is designed for easy repositioning. And it weighs 100kg with water and 200kg with sand. In addition, it also comes with 14 power-grip suction cups. And the suction power of each cup is about 40kg. Therefore, it is stable and safe during exercise.
4. Ultra Silent & Less Vibration
The cushioning design, dual TPU absorber, and 360° shock and noise absorption make the boxing bag more suitable for intense beats. Then you can practice boxing according to your training plan.

Technical parameters

Product name F14-6 punching boxing bag
Color Black, red
Height 175cm (Adjustable)
Material PU leather, PE base
Structure Speed ball, speed bar, boxing bag, base
Base Empty (put sand or water in it)
Application Fitness, boxing training, workout
OEM 1 piece for logo
ODM Welcome

Feature of Punching Boxing Bag

1. Adjustable Height
The height of the punching bag can be adjusted. Then it helps you to train reaction ability.
2. Speed Rotating Bar
The speed bar can rotate 360°. When training boxing skills, you can train reaction ability and strengthen practical training.
3. Structure of The Sandbag
The bag is divided into 4 layers: PU layer, buffer layer, EPE layer, and anti-rust steel pipe. The PU layer is 2mm thick, which is soft and explosion-proof to keep you safe during exercise. And the other three layers are designed to make the bag softer, harmless to your hands or legs.
4. Connector of Bag and Base
The connector is composed of 4 steel springs and double-layer horns. They are more shock-absorbing, quieter and have a protective effect on the wrists.
The base is empty. Putting the sand or water into the base can increase the weight of boxing bag, which makes the sandbag more stable. Add sand, the weight can reach 200kg; and add water, it can reach 100kg.
In addition, it also comes with 12 power-grip suction cups. And the suction power of each cup is about 40kg. Then the punching bag will be more stable, and you will do exercise safer.


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