All size 60-120cm PU heavy duty boxing bag china manufacturer(low price)

Heavy Duty Boxing Bag

  • Height: 60cm – 120cm
  • Function: Boxing training
  • Product Name: Hollow filling punching bag
  • Material: PU, butter, filling layer, iron chain
  • Weight: Hollow: 0.8kg-1.8kg; Filled: 5kg-30kg

Custom Free Standing Kick Boxing Punching Bag Rack

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Heavy Duty Boxing Bag Feature

1. Struction of Boxing Bag
The heavy duty boxing bag is divided into 3-4 layers: PU layer, buffer layer, EPE layer, and filling layer. The PU layer is 2mm thick, which is soft and explosion-proof to keep you safe during exercise. And the other three layers are designed to make the bag softer, harmless to your hands or legs.
2. Iron Chain
For athletes, the more stable the sandbag, the safer the exercise. The chain of the hanging punching bag is made of iron. Then it will keep the boxer safe and the sandbag will be durable.
3. Two Types of Boxing Punching Bag
There are two type of boxing bag, namely hollow one and filled one. You can choose the type according to your training demand.

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Technical Parameters

Product Name Hollow or filled boxing punching bags
Color Red, customized
Height 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm
Weight Hollow: 0.8kg-1.8kg; Filled: 5kg-30kg
Material PU, PE, buffer, nylon
Feature Stable, buffered, durable
Function Body shaper, keep fit, strength training
Application Fitness, workout, exercise, training

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