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Heating Back Support

  1. Color: Black
  2. Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  3. Material: Spandex, PU, Ge, Magnet
  4. Feature: Elastic, adjustable, heating, magnetic
  5. Function: Reduce lower back pain; Keep warm; burn fat

What is a Heating Back Support?

Heating back support is a kind of medical device to reduce lower back pain with heat. The heating back brace comes with magnets and heating Ge to release heat when it is close to the skin. At the same time, the magnets are activated to relax the lower back muscles and reduce back pain. Also, when the back brace is heating, it can keep warm and burn belly fat. So, it is more and more popular.

How does heating back support work?

Heating back support comes with natural stones (tourmaline Ge). The tourmaline dots can release heat when they are close to the skin. The heat can stimulate sensory reports in the skin, which means that applying heat to the lower back reduces the transmission of pain signals to the brain and relieves some discomfort. Also, the heat can accelerate blood circulation and cell metabolism to recovery or reduce pains.

Lower Back Pain Relief Belt

Description of back support brace

black self-Heating tourmaline magnet Back Support brace

Product Model Heating back support D18-3
Color Black
Size S, M, L, XL, XXL
Material PU, tourmaline, magnet,spandex
Magnet 16 pieces
Feature Elastic, adjustable, heating, magnetic
Function Reduce back pain; keep warm; burn fat
OEM&ODM Welcome
Use Wipe the heating pad with a wet towel to speed up the heating
Note If you feel too hot, please remove it immediately

Details of back brace belt

Heating Back Support tourmaline megnet self heating founction


The heat belt for back pain comes with tourmaline dots, which can release heat when it is close to the skin.

Heating Back Support

Elastic band

The back support brace is with double elastic bands to adjust the size to meet your demand. And it is for women and men.

Lower Back Pain Brace

High-quality PU

There is high-quality PU with the heating back belt. It can prevent the belt from dissipating heat, so it can keep warm and burn fat.

Take the lower back pain brace with you

self heating tourmaline Lower Back Pain Brace


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