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gradient compression stockings

1.Size: S, M, L, XL
2.Color: Black, beige
3.Material: Lycra spandex
4.Length: From foot to waist
5.Compression: Class 2: 23-32 mmHg

What is the Gradient Compression Stockings?

Gradient compression stockings provide gradient compression to promote better blood circulation, control edema, and reduce varicose veins pain. The gradient compression is the key to make the stockings work. It is the highest pressure around the foot and then the pressure lowers as it moves to the calf, and thigh. Thus, the medical stockings help the blood and other fluids to be up from the foot to legs against gravity. Then the compression stockings can ease leg discomfort caused by varicose veins, edema, etc. , and tighten the muscle to prevent edema.

Varicose Veins Compression Stockings

Description of compression stockings

Medical Pressure Socks

Product Model Gradient compression stockings S04
Size S,M,L,XL
Color Black, beige
Material Lycra spandex
Length From foot to waist
Compression Class 2: 23-32mmHg (Gradient compression)
Type Open-toed type and closed-toe type
Function For varicose veins, edema; Keep slim after liposuction
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Support Stockings for NursesSupport Socks for NursesMedical Grade Compression Stockings

Details of medical stockings

Medical Compression Stockings

High Waist Design

Medical compression stockings are up to the high waist to make them suitable and comfortable. You can take them instead of the common stockings.

Compression Stockings for Edema

Two colors & types

The compression stockings are in two colors (beige and black) and two types (open-toed and close-toed). Then you can choose them to meet your demand.

Varicose Veins Stockings

Reinforced Crotch

The crotch of stockings is reinforced to make them durable and safer. Also the stockings provide support to lift and shape the butts.

Medical Varicose Veins Stockings

Seamless Design

Compression stockings are one-time forming textile methods, which is soft, smooth, and seamless. Then you can wear comfortable.

Features and Function of Compression Stockings

#HELP TO PREVENT AND RELIEVE MODERATE VARICOSE VEINS – The gradient compression wraps on the legs to promote better blood circulation.  The compression stockings are from foot to waist to help reduce the legs swelling, edema, tiredness, and varicose veins and keep slim after legs liposuction.
#OPAQUE COMPRESSION PANTYHOSE WITH REINFORCED HEEL & TOE – These compression stockings provide maximum strength, durability, and hiding power. The two-way stretch design provides extra comfort and make them easier to get on. As well, the reinforced heels and ventilated crotch make the stockings super durable.
#HIGH QUALITY, MEDICAL GRADE COMPRESSION STOCKINGS – Medical grade graduated compression with 23-32mmHg firm support helps ease discomfort from varicose veins, leg & ankle swelling, edema, and tiredness.

FAQ of Medical Socks

Q1 Are you a manufacturer of compression stockings?
A: Yes. Youjie is the manufacturer specialized in producing medical devices, pre&post natal, body shaper, and sports&fitness. Also, Youjie is a trading company to help you find hot selling products in the Chinese market.
Q2 Who needs the compression stockings?
A: The gradient compression stockings suit the persons who are standing or sitting for a long time such as teachers, shop assistants, doctors, nurses,  the persons with venous diseases of the lower limbs, and persons who are after liposuction for legs.
Q3 What is the compression of the stockings?
A: It is secondary pressure: 23-32 mmHg. It is gradient compression from foot to waist.

Q4 How does the compression stockings work?
A: The compression stockings can offer extra vertical and horizontal pressure. And the horizontal pressure is gradient, which is smaller and smaller from the ankle to the leg. So, it can help the blood flowing to the heart and ease varicose veins’ pain, edema, swelling, and tiredness.

Q5 Do you have MOQ for your products?
A: MOQ is different for each product, please contact us for more information.
Q6 How to get a sample?

A: Just contact us via Email or Whatsapp.


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