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Finger Support D29-2

1.Color: Blue
2.Size: S, M, L
3.Material: Aluminum, sponge
4.Feature: Portable, adjustable, breathable
5.Function: Correct & protect fingers

What is finger support?

Finger support is a kind of medical device used for the fingers. It can protect the injured fingers from being touched and correct the fractured fingers. The finger splint is made of soft sponge, malleable, and breathable aluminum splint, and it had different sizes. When being worn, the finger brace is soft the skin, keeps the fingers dry to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and protects the injured fingers from being touched. Then the injured fingers can be cured quickly.

finger support brace

Description of finger splint brace

Medical Finger Splint for injury finger

Product Model Finger support D29-2
Color Blue
Material Aluminum, sponge
Size S,M,L
Feature Portable, adjustable, breathable
Function Correct finger; protect fingers
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Medical Fingersplint support with blue foam and alumium Finger Support

Details of finger brace support

alumium foam Finger Support brace splint

The finger splint is made of hook&loopso that makes it easy and quick to use. Moreover, the hook&loop can be removed to wrap fingers separately to keep fingers upright.
Soft Sponge
There is a soft sponge with finger support to make the fingers more comfortable during wearing.
Vent Holes
The aluminum splint is vent holes design to make the brace breathable and keep the fingers dry.
Malleable Aluminum
The aluminum splint is malleable. You can adjust the shape according to the finger size.
There are 3 different sizes for your choice. if there are no suitable size, you can order the size of finger splints.


MOLDABLE FRAME — 3 different sizes aluminum trigger finger splint fit your fingers
TENDON RELEASE & PAIN RELIEF — The finger brace immobilizes and protects injured fingers for quick healing. Finger support reduces stiffness and prevents joint from locking up or catching
CONSIDERATE DESIGN — Padded finger splint comes with a lightweight aluminum brace so that it can provide superior support for stiff fingers. Meanwhile, the soft pad and breathable ventilation hole comfort your finger day and night NO NEED FOR ADHESIVE TAPE — Fold-over finger splint comes with convenient hook and loop straps eliminate the need for adhesive tape
SPLINT FIRST-AID — Adjustable finger protector helps you relief from accidentally hurt and stenosing tenosynovitis or arthritis effectively


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