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Finger Brace D29-3

1.Color: Blue
2.Size: S, M, L
3.Material: Aluminum, sponge
4.Feature: Portable, adjustable, breathable
5.Function: Protect and correct fingers

What is a finger brace support?

Finger brace is a kind of medical device used to fix the fingers, which can protect the injured fingers from being touched and correct the fractured fingers. The finger splint is with a sponge, which is soft and breathable. Moreover, the finger splint is with aluminum, and you can change its shape to fit the fingers easily. In addition, the brace is soft and gentle to the fingers and keeps dry to inhibit bacteria growth.
And it is lightweight, small, and portable. Therefore, you can take it anywhere. And when the finger is injured, just take the splint out to fix the finger immediately.

Description of finger splint brace

Finger support made of alumium and foam

Product Model Finger brace D29-3
Color Blue
Material Aluminum, sponge
Size S:3.4*2.6inch,M:3.8*3.0inch,L:4.4*3.8inch
Feature Portable, adjustable, breathable
Function Correct finger; protect fingers
OEM&ODM Welcome

Medical Frog Finger Splint
index Finger Splints Support for finger injury

Details of finger support

Trigger Finger splint alumium and foam material

One-piece Design
Firstly, the finger brace comes in one-piece type, which looks like a frog to fix the injured fingers firmly.
Soft Sponge

Secondly, finger splint is with a soft sponge to make your fingers more comfortable and keep the fingers dry when wearing.
Malleable Aluminum
Thirdly, the aluminum splint is malleable. You can adjust the shape according to your fingers.
Fourthly, there are 3 different sizes for your choice. Also, the size can be customized as your requirement.

alumium and foam Frog Finger Support brace

Wash the injured finger, then place the finger in the middle of the finger brace, and fix your fingers with the splint and maintain the correct position.


UNIQUE SUPPORT DESIGN: Frog shape design and stable structure, perfect fit your finger provides enhanced support. Meanwhile, soft foam-filled can avoid your finger hurt again
GOOD ITEM FOR PATIENT: Relieve finger pain and keep finger correction, provide support to unstable finger injuries, and provide immobilization of the injured finger, every patient must need one
PORTABLE & HIGH QUALITY: Made of malleable aluminum with foam padding, so that no stress for your hurt finger by the lightweight
EASY OPERATION: Easy application and removal without a strong scratch, give you free feeling
THREE SIZES: Available in S, M, and L size to meet your demand. And the size is customized as your demand.


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