The Best Durable Resistance Bands Manufacturer in china 2021

Durable Resistance Bands F5

1.Material: Latex, nylon, iron
2.Color: Yellow, red, blue, green, black
3.Resistance: 10LB-100LB
4.Quantity: 11 pcs
5.Feature: Nylon protector for resistance tubes

What are the merits of the durable resistance bands?

Durable resistance bands are exercises tools to provide resistance for body shaping and strength training.
The material of the resistance band set is latex and high-quality nylon which is elastic and durable. then it can guarantee the serving time. Moreover, there is a nylon protector outside the resistance tubes, which protects the user from the flexible breaking under excessive pull. In addition, the nylon leaves much room for the elastic bands.

What are the 11pcs set?

And there are 11 pcs in this resistance bands set: The resistance bands set consists of 5*latex resistance bands (with nylon), 2* cushioned handles, 2* ankle straps, 1* door anchor, 1* carrying bag. The resistance is from 10LB to 100LB, so you can adjust the levels according to your training program. they can be used during exercise, training, workout, fitness, and pilates.

Description of exercise resistance tubes

Durable Resistance Bands

Product Durable resistance bands F5
Material Latex, nylon, iron
Color Yellow, red, blue, green, black
Resistance 10LB-100LB
Quantity 11 pcs (5*Resistance tubes; 1*Door anchor; 2*Cushioned handles; 2* Ankle straps; 1*Storage bag)
Feature Nylon protector for tubes
Package Portable storage bag
Function Shape arms, chest, waist, butts, legs; keep fit
Application Fitness, workout, training, gym, home, office

Details of resistance bands tubes

Durable Resistance Bands

Nylon Protection of Resistance Bands
The outside of the resistance band is a nylon protector then it can protect the user from the band breaking under excessive tension. And the nylon is thicked and smooth.

Durable Resistance Bands

Latex Tubes Bands
The resistance tubes are made of latex, which is high-elastic, durable, and no harm to the skin. You can take it for your daily exercises or unique training programs.

Durable Resistance Bands

Iron Carabiner Ring
The resistance band comes with iron carabiner rings, which are hard, durable, and professional. They can connect the handles and bands firmly to keep you safe when you are doing exercises.

Durable Resistance Bands

Cushioned Handles
The handles are cushioned to protect your hands, reduce pressure, and anti-slip during exercises. So, they can protect you when you want 100LB resistance for your training.

Durable Resistance Bands

Door Anchor
There is a door anchor with the resistance bands set. You can fix the resistance bands on the door. Then do more exercises on your own easily.

Mens Resistance Bands

Ankle Straps
There are ankle straps in the set. The material is nylon and iron, which is safe and durable. Also, with the help of ankle straps, you can do more exercises easily.

High Quality Resistance Bands

5 Resistance Levels of Flexiband
5 levels of resistance in the exercises bands set: 10LB, 15LB, 20LB, 25LB, 30LB. so that you can pick the better one for your training program. Moreover, you can take more than one piece at once for your exercise. In this way, the resistance of the bands set is from 10LB to 100LB to meet your demand.

Long Resistance Bands

Door Anchor for More Exercise
There is a door anchor in the resistance bands set. It can fix the bands to the door, which can increase resistance and safety. Then you can do more kinds of exercise to shape arms, shoulders, chest, waist, thighs, etc..

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NYLON PROTECTOR – The resistance bands tubes equip with nylon protectors, which can protect the users from the band breaking under excessive pull. in addition, The nylon is thicked and smooth, and it will not affect your exercises.
ENHANCED DESIGN – The resistance band tubes come with larger metal carabiner rings, which make them easier and safer when you are doing exercises. And the safety connector also boasts of a sturdy design to prevent snapping off or getting ripped during the exercise.
5 RESISTANCE LEVEL – 5 resistance levels in the resistance bands set. The levels are from 10lb to 100lb. You can choose the better level according to your exercise to shape your body, control tummy, slim arm, and thighs.
ANTI-SNAP DURABILITY – These exercise resistance band tubes are made of high-quality latex, which is known for its impressive durability and resilience. So, you can take them for a long time.

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1.Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes. Youjie is a manufacturer specialized in Sports & Fitness Brace, Pre & Post Natal Brace, Body Shapers, and medical devices in Hebei Province, very near to Beijing and Tianjin.
2. Q: Can you add my Logo to the resistance bands set?
A: Yes, In common the logo also can be added on the carry bag.
3. Q: Can I modify the color of resistance bands?
A: Sure.
4. Q: What types of packages do you usually use?
A: The standard package: each set is in a bag, then into a bulk carton.
5. Q: What is the MOQ?
A: No MOQ, ONE is ok
6.Q: What is the MOQ for the bag with our logo?
A: 100 bags
7.Q: What is the guarantee of the transaction?
A: Product quality, delivery time and payment are 100% assurance


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