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Postpartum Belt D04-3

1.Usage: For women after delivery
2.Material:70% polyester, 30% spandex
3.Feature: Elastic, adjustable, supportive
4.Function:Push up organs and tighten up loose muscles

What is a Delivery belt?

A belivery belt, a post-pregnancy belt or postpartum belly wrap, is used to tie your belly. It helps to provide support to your abdominal organs and tighten the loose muscles. In other words, the belly belt after c section is a special compression garment that can be worn around the tummy. So, it can help tighten up the loose muscles and push the organs to position after delivery.

Description — Delivery belt after giving birth

Postpartum Slimming Girdle

Name Value
Product Model Postpartum belt D04-3
Material 70% polyester, 30% spandex
Color Beige, black, pink, arpicot
Size M: 38*9.2 inch L:42*9.2 inch
Support PE bone
Bone 2 pieces
Feature Soft, supportive, adjustable
Function Push up abdominal organs; tighten the loose muscles
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Belly Belt After Giving BirthTummy Control Girdle After Delivery

Details — Postpartum control belly girdle

Postnatal Belt After Giving Birth

Breathable Mesh Cloth

The postpartum control belly girdle comes with breathable mesh cloth, gentle to skin.

Belly Belt After Delivery

Neat Stitches

The belly girdle after delivery is with neat stitches to make it be strong and durable.

Postpartum Girdle After Delivery

Widen Loop

The postpartum belly girdle is with a widen loop to stick the belt easily.

Tummy Control Girdle

High Quality Hook

The belly control girdle after delivery is with high quality hook to stick the belt firmly.

Who needs a Delivery belt after giving birth?

The delivery belt is suitable for any women who gives birth to a child, whether it is a vaginal delivery or a c section delivery.  The postpartum belt can help the momy to push their abdominal regons to the right positions and tighten their loose belly muscles. The postpartum anxiety is common. And one of the possible reasons is the feeling of self-consciousness about how the postpartum women look in clothes ever since they have given birth to a baby. And another is the pain in their back and belly. Thus, a delivery belt is needed. It can support lower back to relieve back and belly pains, also to help to expel the lochia and recovery.


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