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Cotton Postpartum Belt D11

1.Color: White, pink
2.Size: M, L, XL
3.Materila: 100% cotton
4.Ply: 5 ply
5.Application: For women after delivery

What does A cotton postpartum belt do?

The cotton postpartum belt is a kind of belly band wrapping the woman’s abdomen to tighten the muscles, control tummy, and help to expel lochia after natural-birth or c section. The postpartum belt is made of 100% cotton, which is soft, smooth, breathable, and no harm to the skin. The belly band wraps the abdomen to tighten the loose muscles and fat, control the tummy and help them recover during the postpartum period.

C Section Cotton Belly Band

Description of postpartum belly wrap

Cotton Postpartum Belt

Product Model Cotton postpartum belt D11
Color White, pink
Size M:36.4*8.8inch; L:38.8*8.8 inch; XL:41.2*8.8 inch
Material 100% cotton
Ply 5 ply
Application For women after delivery
Feature Soft, elastic, adjustable, breathable
Function Control tummy; tighten waist
OEM&ODM Welcome

Cotton Postpartum GirdleCotton Postpartum Belly WrapPostpartum C Section Support Belt

Details of cotton postpartum girdle

Cotton Maternity Belt after Delivery

100% Cotton Material

The postpartum girdle comes in 100% cotton to make it softer, smoother, breathable, and no harm to the skin. You can take it underclothes after delivery.

Cotton Maternity Belly Band

Neat Double-Stitches

The edge of the cotton postpartum girdle is with neat double-stitches,it will make the girdle durable and not easy to be damaged. Then you can take it during the whole postpartum period.

Cotton Maternity Belly Wrap

T-type Hook

The cotton postpartum belly wrap is with a high-grade T-type hook to stick the wrap firmly and adjust the size easily.

C Section Recovery Belt

Elastic Edge

The edge of the cotton postpartum belt is soft and elastic to hold the belt. Then you can wear it more comfortably.

Quality Test of postpartum belly wrap

Test 1 – The Structure
The postpartum belly wrap comes with 5 ply gauze and cotton. And the middle of the belly wrap is the cotton ply to keep warm and absorb water to inhibit bacterial growth. So, the belly wrap is soft, smooth, and no harm to the skin. You can wear it under clothes.
The structure is shown as follows:

Best Cotton Maternity Belly Band

Test 2 – Breathability & Heat Dissipation
Pour an appropriate amount of hot water into the cup, cover it with the postpartum belly band, and then put the mirror on the band. After 30 seconds, a lot of small water droplets will appear in the mirror. The better breathability and heat-dissipation are important for a belly band. They can make the band more comfortable for wearing and no harm to the skin.

Cotton Postpartum Belt

Test 3 – Pure Cotton
Cut any part of the postpartum band, hold it with tweezers, and burn with fire. No irritating odor will be generated during this process. And squeeze the ashes, which is dry, delicate, and without any agglomeration. The maternity belt after delivery is made of 100% cotton, which is soft and no harm to the skin. You can take it underwear after childbirth.

Cotton Postpartum Belt

Test 4 – Fluorescent Agent
In a dim environment, use the ultraviolet light to irradiate the abdomen and white paper. You will find that no bright blue light was seen on the cotton postpartum belt,  indicating that the belt did not contain any fluorescent agent. And a bright blue light will appear on the white paper, indicating that the white paper contains a fluorescent agent.

Cotton Postpartum Belt


1.Q: Are you a manufacturer of the cotton postpartum belt?
A: Youjie is a manufacturer specialized in Pre & Post Natal Braces, Sports & Fitness Braces, and Medical devices. OEM & ODM are acceptable. Also, Youjie can help to find the hot sellers you are interested in.

2. Q: Can you add my Logo on a postpartum girdle?A: Yes, Youjie can add your label, logo, and other information on the postpartum girdles with the silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, rubber logo pad, or embroidery as your requirement.

3. Q: Can I modify the color or material of postpartum belly wrap?
A: Sure, Youjie can modify and improve the braces as your design.

4. Q: What types of packages do you usually use?
A: The standard package: each is in a bag, then into a bulk carton.

5. Q: Do you have MOQ for the products?
A: MOQ is different for each product, if you are interested in that product, contact us now.


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