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Cordless Jump Rope

This cordless jump rope is very popular on Amazon. If you want to buy this product, contact us and get the goods directly at the factory price. Youjie Med is a manufacturer of cordless jump rope.

What Is Cordless Jump Rope?

Cordless Jump Rope is a novel sport jump rope! It can record the number of jump ropes, the duration of jump rope exercises and the number of calories consumed by the human body during the rope skipping process. The LED LCD display allows you to clearly see the number of jump ropes and the number of calories consumed during use. In this way, the inconvenience caused by the jump is solved, and the calories consumed during the jump can be seen, and the fun of exercise will be more enjoyable. The cordless jump rope uses a sponge handle, which is both comfortable and non-slip; at the same time, the solid ball design at both ends of the handle has a sense of gravity, which makes people feel the weight of the real rope, and has the same hand feeling as using ordinary skipping rope.

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Advantages of Workout Indoor Cordless Jump Rope

  • [CORDLESS JUMP/ROPE JUMP] The dual-rope configuration allows users to change between non-rope jump and rope jump with this skipping rope. It is a great addition to any calorie burning workout program. And the workout jump rope sets are suitable for Indoor and outdoor; adults and kids; beginners and professionals.
  • [ADJUSTABLE] Its easy to adjust length of the skipping rope from 300 cm to your desired length or height. No more tangling for kids in cordless mode. It is good for boxing, MMA, or just those interested in being fit anywhere and anytime. Appropriate for all ages (Adults, Men, Women, Children, Kids, Boys, and Girls).
  • [MULTI-FUNCTION COUNTING ROPE] The LED display on this fitness jump rope shows Timer, Weight, Calorie and Circles. It displays your set weight, counts time and the number of circles you jump and the calories been burn so that you can adjust to better achieve fitness result. (Please refer to the instruction to make the function set).
  • [WEIGHTED HANDLE AND SWEAT-PROOF HANDLES] This the handles of the jumping rope is empty and can be filled up with sand to add weight. Anti-slip TPE handles always keep the rope on your hand even you are sweating, which ensures the safety of your exercise.

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Jump Rope Set Configuration


Product name Smart jump rope set
Color Black, red, blue+black, blue+white (Customized color)
Length Long rope: 300 cm
Short rope: 17.5 cm
Quantity Handle*2; short rope*2; battery*2; long rope*1; screwdriver*1; instruction*1
Packaging Box, nylon bag, PE bag
Application Indoor and outdoor; adults and kids; beginners and professionals
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