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Back Support For Lifting

2.Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
3.Material:Nylon, spandex, silicone, bone
4.Type:Anti-slip, bone support, detachable straps

Why is heavy work back support needed?

Back support for lifting heavy objects is designed for the people who are offen lift heavy objects. As we all know, the lower back lumbar vertebrae is important for our daily life. They can support the upper body weight and allow certain movements. And it is also vulnerable to damage, that is the reason that more and more people have low back pain.
Lifting heavy objects in wrong posture is harmful to one’s lower back. If you attempt to lift someting, remember keep your back straignt up, head up, and lift it with your knees. Keep the object close to you and tighten your stomach muscles. Ofen some people ignore these matters and hurt their lower back. So, the heavy lifting back brace is needed to keep upright posture and tighten the stomach muscles when lifting heavy objects.

Right Posture for Heavy Lifting

Description of back support for lifting heavy objects

Weight Lifting Back Brace

Product Model Back support for lifting  D02-1
Color Black
Material Spandex, silicone, bone
Size S:38*8inch; M:40*8inch; L:42*8inch; XL:44*8inch; XXL:46*8inch
Type Anti-slip, bone support
Feature Elastic, adjustable, breathable
Function Keep right posture; protect lower back
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Heavy Lifting Back Brace SupportBack Support for Lifting Heavy ObjectsBack Brace Support for Lifting

Details of a heavy work back brace belt

Back Support Brace for Heavy Lifting

Double Pulls

Weight lifting back brace is with double pulls to make it fit the waist and tightened the stomach muscles.

anti slip Back Support Belt for Heavy Lifting

Anti-slip silicone

There are silicone stripes inside the back support brace to prevent slipping when you are sweating.

Back Support for Overweight

Removable straps

Back support brace for heavy lifting is designed with removable straps. You can remove it or not according to your demand.

Backache Support Belts

Widened hook&loop

The widened hook&loop can help stick the back brace firmly and tightened the muscles when you are lifting heavy objects.

Feature of the back support brace

*Durable fabric to enjoy for a long time*Adjustable shoulder straps *Elastic splints assure maximal support*Quickly change the pressure*The ergonomically designed belt assures the best posture

The function of a heavy work back protector

The Safety Lumbar Support Belt for workers offers excellent protection when lifting and standing for a long time. It holds the back in the proper position to reduce the stress on the lower back. And with the removable strap, it can be used for people who is going through back pain. It also can support the back to reduce the tiredness of the waist.


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