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back relief belt

1.Color: Black
2.Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
3.Material: Spandex, polyester, bone
4.Bone: 4 pieces of AL bone
5.Type: Mesh band type

How does the back relief belt work?

Back relief belt is designed to reduce lower back pain and support L1-l5 lumbar vertebrae of verbebral column.  The belt provides support for the waist and reduces compression of the lower lumbar spine to reduce lower back pain, fatigue and lumbar disc pain.
There are four pieces of supportive bone in the lumbosacral back support. So, the bones support the lower back and decompress the pressure between lumbar vertebra to ease lower back fatigue, tension and pain. Also, the back splint is with breathable elastic mesh bands. Then it is adjustable to meet your demand, and you can wear it for a long time in spring, summer and autumn. Also, the bands are elastic. They can wrap the waist firmly and tighten the muscles to protect the waist from injury and sprain.

back relief belt

Description of lumbosacral support

Back Splints

Product Model Back relief belt D02
Color Black
Material Spandex, polyester, bone
Bone 4 pieces of AL bone
Type Mesh band type
Feature Elastic, adjustable, breathable
Function Keep right posture; relieve back pain
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black Lumbosacral Support Belt thintype waist belt support for summer use thin model thin summer back support for man

Details of back splint

Support Belt for Backache

One-piece type

The lumbosacral support comes in one-piece type. Then, it can be used easily and portable for daily life

Backache Support Belt

Mesh fabric band

The back relief belt is with breathable mesh bands to make it suitable for wearing for a long time in spring and summer

Therapy Backache Brace

Bone support

There are 4 pieces of bones in the back splint. They provide support to decompress the lumbar vertebrae and prevent the edge from rolling

Waist Support

Neat stitches

The edge of the back brace is with neat stitches to make the brace washable and durable

Features of backache support belts

#Double-layer design for adjustable compression
#Breathable mesh fabric lets you wear the brace in spring and summer
#Ventilated material for breathability and comfort
#Built-up flexible stays provide additional support and prevent the edge rolling
#Four pliable metal splints are perfect to the curve of your waist to give the belt waist care

How to use

Step1 Let the brace around the waist. Be sure the four metal splints are on each side of the spineStep2 Adjust the brace to the desired compression and secure the hook and loop strap to the front of the braceStep3 Pull the elastic reinforcement straps to tighten


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