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Cervical Traction B02-2

  1. Portable, home & office
  2. Soft, inflatable, adjustable
  3. Support head, immobilized neck, relieve neck pain

What is a neck brace?

A neck brace, also known as a cervical neck collar or cervical traction, is a kind of medical device used to support one’s head, relieve neck pain and immobilized one’s head. Also, the adjustable neck brace can be used to treat chronic medical conditions. Now, there are many people having neck pain and tension leading to headache, chronic cervical spondylosis and numbness in their hands and feet. Thus, a comfortable neck brace is needed for one’s daily life to ease cervical neck pain, reduce neck tension and relax shoulder and neck muscle.

Who needs a neck support brace?

Factory Neck Support

  1. People who are working with their head down or keep their cervical in a position for a long time, such as students, office staff, engineer, scientists, etc.
  2. Smoking is harmful in tabacco can change the disc metabolism and make it degenerate.
  3. Take one side lying position for a long time makes one’s cervical scoliosis and form imbalance force to harm one’s health.
  4. People has a history of neck pain. Degeneration of the intervertebral disc is proportional to the degree of neck pain.
  5. People who drive a car frequently. They keep their head in a position for a long time and make a brake suddenly leading to a bad effect on their cervical.
  6. People who are old. Their cervical spine is aging and easily injured.

B02-2 cervical neck brace description

Cervical Neck Support

Product Model Cervical Traction B02-2
Color Brown, blue
Material Medical PVC, half flannel
Size Free size
Feature Soft, adjustable, inflatable
Function Relieve neck pain, tension and fatigue; Correct neck postre
OEM&ODM Welcome

B02-2 Neck support Brace Details

neck support brace
Inflatable Adjustable Neck Brace

Half Flannel Material

The adjustable neck brace is made of half flannel. So, it is soft and gentle to skin.

Adjustable Neck Pain Relief Brace

Inflatable Ball

The adjustable cervical support brace comes with an inflatable ball to adjust the height.

Neck Pain Relief Brace

Hook & Loop

The adjustable neck support brace is with high grade hook&loop to fix the size.

Neck Cervical Support


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