3 Best Maternity Nursing Bra Manufacturer China for sale with factory price

3 Best Nursing Bra Manufacturer China In 2021

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What Is Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras specifically refer to bras worn by women during breastfeeding. From the beginning of breastfeeding, we must insist on wearing a bra. If you don’t wear a bra, your breasts will droop significantly after gaining weight. Especially in the case of severe breast concussion such as work and walking, sagging is more obvious.

Wearing a bra, the breasts have support and support, the blood circulation of the breasts is smooth, which is beneficial to promote milk secretion, improve the breast’s disease resistance, and protect the nipple from scratches and bumps.

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Nursing Bra Buying Guide

  1. Pay attention to the breastfeeding mouth design. The breastfeeding opening design of the cup not only increases the added value of the bra, but also extends the wearing time from pregnancy to breastfeeding. If the baby is hungry, it is very convenient to hold the baby with one hand and unbuckle the buckle with the other hand when preparing to feed.
  2. The angle of the cup is obviously convex and deep, it should be 4/4 full cup.
  3. The direction of the bra straps should be vertical and wider to avoid shoulder pain caused by plump breasts.

Nursing Bra Cleaning Method

It is best to wash with warm water and neutral emulsion, or with cold water or warm water slightly lower than body temperature (below 30°C). Do not use hot water. Hand wash with a “light press”, don’t over squeeze the bra to avoid wrinkles.

Avoid washing with outer clothing to avoid uncleanness; do not mix with dark clothing to avoid staining. Use an appropriate amount of lotion. Too much lotion will aggravate the material and damage the bra. The emulsion should first be completely dissolved in warm water at 30-40°C. After the bra is completely dissolved, you can put it in the bra. Do not apply lotion directly on the bra, as it will cause uneven color of the bra.

How to wear a nursing bra

  1. Pass the shoulder strap through the arm first, and let the shoulder strap rest on the shoulder naturally. Bend the upper body forward 45 degrees, let the breasts fall into the cup naturally and appropriately, and then buckle the back buckle.
  2. Fully support the breast with your hands and put it in the cup, then gently press the bottom edge of the cup to fix the position of the bra, fully push the muscles on one side of the chest into the cup, move the cup, center the cup, concentrate the breast line, and complete the breast, To achieve a smooth and supple effect.
  3. Adjust the shoulder strap to an appropriate length, so that the shoulder is naturally comfortable and stress-free. Remember, the shoulder straps should not be too tight or too loose.
  4. Adjust the horizontal shoulder strap on the back and the bottom of the breast cup to level. The horizontal shoulder straps on the back should not be pulled too high.

How to Choose Nursing Bra Manufacturer?

Nursing bra manufacturers in China are the most popular in the world. So if you are working on a supportive nursing bra-related business. Then the Chinese market must be something you can’t ignore.

If you are a nursing bra distributor and are looking for a cheap pumping bra manufacturer, please contact us and purchase the goods directly at the factory price.

We have a complete foreign trade system and one-stop service to provide you with the best experience.


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3 Best Nursing Bra Manufacturer China In 2021

Wearing a nursing bra is to prevent the breasts from sagging and make the breasts look plump and straight; the bra is to prevent the fiber dust particles of chemical fiber fabric from entering the mammary ducts and avoid the resulting milk secretion and excretion obstacles.

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